Friday, February 16, 2007

An Unconvinient Truth - that is our country

It was chilly morning but I made myself ready to watch the much talked film "An unconvinient Truth".
Wow! I had to say when I came out of the all.

It was only Al Gore, the former vice-presiden of the US, who was speaking, in the form of a talk programme. In which he easily, technically, socially and humously described what the whole topic of global warming is. Adding some touching topic of his family and his experiteince worldwide, he proved himselfe more scientiests than a scientist.

I'm not going to review the film here. But let me say thit was indeed a must see film for all, for those who cares about the earth, the environement and the global warming.

There might be some politicla touches, when he subtly criticised the Bush governmetn for not listening to voices of ratifying Kyoto Protocol. But, I'm not criticising Bush if I say that it must be done in time, no matter which government comes in which country.

Lastly, I wondered, is there any single politician who can talk about the technicalities of global warming. The face and way of talking of our great "loktantrik" minsiter for Environment, Science and Technologies Man Bahadur Bishowakarma came in my mind. What will he be speaking if I ask him what is global warming. He might say, "When the seminar is gong on? In which country? You know, I'm very busy but I will certainly go. I believe it is a very important issue". F***
And it was a Army Day today.

Our glorious Gurkhas have shown how able they are when they were fighitng in full-scale agains "terrorists" and what achievements they have gained. This year, they are enjoying the full freedom of deploying in Tundikhel, where even the idols were plucked out and thrown out.

I come to believe the our army, if they failed to be anything, will certainly be best musicians. I salute them.