Thursday, February 15, 2007

Today's bandh

The indigineous people today finally had to call Valley bandh, obviously to have thier say heard. There are thousand of reason sto applaud the April movment but I'm sorry to tell you it also taught us that you have to go for banth, some pelting of stones, some threatening to riders and drivers and some other "forceful" elements to make the government listen to you.

When the king Gyanendra was enjoying his "by-chance" regime directly after importring his valued advisors like Tulsi Giri and others, we thought that the kings are all miser to give what we ask. But this great "statesman" Girija Prasad Koirala broke the record of Gyanendra by not giving even in his second address to the nation. It was only a remix of the first version. Let it be.

And this led the indigineous people to go for this kind of unpopular ways of protesting for their demands. Their demands are all genuine they need to go for protests to get them fulfilled. But I belied those had to be addressed even before they were demanded, so that they could be managed in more "civilised" way.

And, I wonder why we are wasting our energy in demanding something which is now almost fulfilled. I don't think anybody again can seat on the hot seat without making Nepal a federal republic, with ethnic and regional autonomy now. Then why the fuss?