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List of Articles in The HImalayan Times

THT (2006) ‘Heritage-in-danger Tag to go’ in The Himalayan Times dated 27 July 2006 by Razen Manandhar

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List of stories in TKP (1996-2002)

02/07/1996 What turns tourism terrible      PP
25/07/1996 Sisters, go for love!       PP
17/08/1996 Just for a Pajero        PP
31/08/1996 At the funeral of monkeys      PP
10/09/1996 By the grace of policemen      PP
15/09/1996 Hare Rama Hare Krishna       2/sp
16/09/1996 A bachelor's complaint       PP
21/09/1996 May I come in sir?       PP 
28/09/1996 Tourism Day brings new air in Thamel    5
30/09/1996 Man is nothing but a wolf      PP
20/10/1996 Stiff food policy crippling Dashain bazaar   8?
20/10/1996 Dashain shopping - nightmare      SP
26/10/1996 Good bye Bada Dashain       PP
16/11/1996 See you again, Nepal       PP
21/11/1996 Tour guides back tourism, no one to back them  [p] 5/P
24/11/1996 Oh brothers! Oh sisters!      2/sp
28/11/1996 Polish tourists interested in Nepal     5
05/12/1996 Ten plus two plus teacher' turn     PP
12/12/1996 Mechanics see God in their hands     5/P
19/12/1996 Tailors patch up...      [p] 5/p
30/12/1996 Welcome to Bhaktapur       PP
09/01/1997 Skilled hands feel pleasure of feeding the world  5/P
11/01/1997 My camera and my beautiful companion    PP
16/01/1997 Language teaching, a profesion for modern world   5/P
19/01/1997 Are cops friends of foes?      SP
25/01/1997 Boder-pillar vs the butts across the Mechi   PP
30/01/1997 Woodcarving comes of age with professionalism    5/P
06/02/1997 Despite hurdles, floriculture makes brisk business  5/P
08/02/1997 Lamentation of a landlord's grandson    PP
13/02/1997 Doctors deprived of facilities they deserve   5/P
18/02/1997 Professionalism and growth (anniversary)    6
20/02/1997 Taxi drivers being exploited by cab companies   5/P
03/03/1997 Marriages are made in...      PP
11/03/1997 A fat VAT sat on the mat      PP
20/03/1997 The charm of domestic tourism      PP
29/03/1997 For whom the Holi holds       PP
06/04/1997 No field untouched by magic of computer    4/I
21/04/1997 Be a hero, pay tax to govt      PP
01/05/1997 Securing space of their species (05/05?)   PP
04/05/1997 Governmet's persuasion on VAT      4/I
05/05/1997 Insects reveal human nature in several aspects   2
08/05/1997 Ashanta's art works on show      2
13/05/1997 Children discover their houses amid nature   2
18/05/1997 White horses run faster than others     SP
19/05/1997 Nudity remains prime topic of selection for artists  2
21/05/1997 Khadka's abstract paintings on display    2
06/06/1997 Abindra hits earth and environment with cartoons  2
09/06/1997 SLC results: Major concern for students    2
10/06/1997 The magic of letter to the editor     PP
15/06/1997 Body and soul portray multiculturalism of Australia  2
16/06/1997 Hindi, the symbol fo national unity (19/06?)   PP
23/06/1997 Music Day sweeps from rock to folklore    2
28/06/1997 Art merges with sport information in collage of Ramesh 2
29/06/1997 Tantriks, body piercing and elixir [Trishul Jatra]  8
02/07/1997 Kayastha's after war paintings from Pokhara to Kathmandu 2
03/07/1997 Three women in a bus       PP
06/07/1997 Historical development of commercial banks   4/I
10/07/1997 Artists of Pokhara eagerly await art gallery   2
13/07/1997 A bird's eye view of Nepali cartoons and cartoonists  2
13/07/1997 A Nepali dancer born in Japan      SP
17/07/1997 A letter from Japan       PP
17/07/1997 Asha: A ray of hope for AIDS victims    2
25/07/1997 Saregama Premanasha: A play full of fun and frolic  2
28/07/1997 An unforgettable fairy tale      PP
01/08/1997 Jodam brings forth best images from within rocks  2
02/08/1997 Gathamunga: A festival with obscene taste    2
09/08/1997 Nagapanchami: A tribute to serpents     2
09/08/1997 After having a motorbike stolen [Raju]    4/PP
11/08/1997 Paintings of three modes displayed under one roof  2
19/08/1997 Janaipurnima binds Hindus with sacred thread   2
20/08/1997 Gaijatra... [np]
21/08/1997 No terror no try        4/PP
26/08/1997 Lord Krishna remembered for his service to humankind  2
28/08/1997 Suma's paintings exhibit ways of enlightenment   2
31/08/1997 Panchadan: Grandiloquent donaions to Buddhist priests  2
31/08/1997 Gaijatra....photo feature [np]
06/09/1997 New books on the block       4/PP
12/09/1997 For Suwal, satisfaction lies in creating new artists  2
16/09/1997 Indra Jatra: The chariot procession of living goddess  2
17/09/1997 Aurora: Australian craft exhibit with freshness and energy 2
24/09/1997 Heritage of Chitrakars: A glimpse of development  2
27/09/1997 Yanase opens Living Legends of Kathmandu    2
28//09/1997 Love nature and universe reflect in Kiran's paintings  2
02/10/1997 A trail against the accused football    4/PP
03/10/1997 Ghatasthapana heralds approaching of festive moods  2
09/10/1997 Dinmaya dies of diarrhoea      4/PP
23/10/1997 Nepal has always been a special country for me: Lydia  2
27/10/1997 A vindication of the rights of non-virgins   4/PP
06/11/1997 Kanak Mishra presents a spectrum of paintings   2
10/11/1997 Computing the computer college par excellence   4/PP
16/11/1997 History alive in Patan       1/SP
20/11/1997 Shreejan paints nature in different style    2
20/11/1997 On being a bus driver       4/PP
23/11/1997 The divine play of Lord Krishna     4/M
24//11/1997 Durga Baral travelling in two boats     2
01/12/1997 If one has skill, can make a living  [Ratna Shakya] 2
06/12/1997 For the sake of puppy love      4/PP
08/12/1997 Bista laments over present circles of artists   2
17//12/1997 Thimi Fest expected to attract tourists    6
18/12/1997 Why I prefer English literature     4/PP
28/12/1997 Karna's painting reflect Nepali culture and tradition  2

01/01/1998 Two energetic artists show creation [Shreehari/Mahendra] 2
03/01/1998 The promise of pregnancy      4/PP
05/01/1998 Newcomers responsible for heritage deterioration [Nunem] 2
12/01/1998 A potter's life was never cosy:  [Gyan] Prasapati  2
15/01/1998 An interview with a proud father     4/PP
20/01/1998 A cartoonist should be aware of moral values [Jyapoo]  2
24/01/1998 An emergency treatment, this?      pp
25/01/1998 What is going on? [National Art Exhibition]   4/sp
29/01/1998 My dream on economic crisis      4/PP
02/02/1998 Ashmina paints women's sensuality     2
09/02/1998 Tamang has nothing except a hope of happy future  2
09/02/1998 Krishna in big problem       4/PP
16/02/1998 Artist has only one language in world: [Aamar] Chitrakar 2
19/02/1998 Baglung can be a new discovery  Anniversary  8
20/02/1998 Saha's fine silk works in Kathmandu     2
23/02/1998 No hurdle can stop me from working: [Yubraj] Shakya  2
02/03/1998 Nude painting and sexual domination     2
10/03/1998 Panorama of mountains in Krishna's paintings   2
16/03/1998 Peace possible only through love [Kalapremi Shrestha]  2
17/03/1998 In search of Nepali handicraft     4.pp
30/03/1998 My love for Nepal is everlasting: Tahira    2
06/04/1998 Nepali film festival in quest of quality film   2
07/04/1998 From the SLC exam hall       4/PP
14/04/1998 Indra Pradhan's dream fulfilled     2
24/04/1998 Pricey bosom tagas       4/PP
02/05/1998 Greater Nepal, greater pride      4/PP
06/05/1998 NEA has no record of its own vehicles    1
07/05/1998 Authority arrests TIA loader      8
28/05/1998 British generators: bane for NTC     1
30/05/1998 A home at World Heritage Site      4/M
04/06/1998 Kishore coming with classical guitar performance  2
05/06/1998 My law is a red red ribbon      4/PP
07/06/1998 Magic at fingertips [Tarabir S Tuladhar]    1/sp
17/06/1998 Living in metropolis       4/PP
11/07/1998 The pot-bellied vulture       4/pp
17/07/1998 Vani Jairam wins Nepali hearts     2
21/07/1998 Prime Minister's one hour      4/PP
25/07/1998 Krishna Mandir conservation work nears completion  2
31/07/1998 No democracy in languages      4/PP
03/08/1998 KMC to pur treated water in Bagmati     2
06/08/1998 Single Motherhood Day       4/pp
08/08/1998 Gaijatra: A fest meant for departed souls (10/08)  2
21/08/1998 KMC and sweepers' slogan      4/pp
30/08/1998 Mhasika: A musical mingle      2/sp
07/09/1998 Thus Byathit became a poet      2/sp
10/09/1998 Let's go to Mulpani       4/PP
15/09/1998 God's presence in king's festival     4/PP
26/09/1998 For the whole four years      4/PP
29/09/1998 Thus Byathit became a poet      SP?
05/10/1998 Welcome to children's fair      4/PP
15/10/1998 On welcoming oily Tihar       4/PP
18/10/1998 Collective impressions [np]      4/sp
01/11/1998 Keeping the brush active [Uttam Nepali]    2/sp
08/11/1998 Honouring the craftsmen       8/sp
15/11/1998 The Buddhism of Nepal Mandala      8/SP
22/11/1998 Padmashree's solo Dolls deal with diversity   8/SP
29/11/1998 Seeing Nepal through Roy, Valchav's eyes    8/SP
06/12/1998 Potters of Kathmandu Valley      8/SP
13/12/1998 Fantasy in Photographs       8/SP
25/12/1998 Working over child exploitation through case studies  4
?  Women artists display their talents     8/SP

01/01/1999 A city of overhead bridges      4/pp
03/01/1999 Bangladesh in canvas       2/sp
09/01/1999 Oum namo Shivay        4/pp
16/01/1999 A Narain Dai's party       4/pp
23/01/1999 Welcome to city of squatters      4/PP
05/02/1999 Hunting winning issues       4/PP
19/02/1999 I wanna be a Nepali, too      4/pp
06/03/1999 Women's strength         4/pp
13/03/1999 UN,indigenous people and Nepal     4
14/03/1999 Yumi Sano's Nepal on paper      8/SP
19/03/1999 Nepal's foreign policy       4/pp
18/03/1999 Art and artists in today's Nepal     SP
24/03/1999 Patriotism at cinema halls      4/PP
28/03/1999 A night at the Opera       SP
01/04/1999 The God of small drops       PP
11/04/1999 Nepal Art Council's unforgettable venture    SP
23/04/1999 Male's right in manifestos      PP
30/04/1999 Show off your election identity     PP
08/05/1999 Manmohan is nation's pride [S Pradhan]    4/suppli
08/05/1999 My days with comrade Manhomah [ ML Shrestha]   5/suppli
08/05/1999 He was ever an obidient man [PR Tuladhar]    6/suppli
09/05/1999 Farewell to a young artist [Prashanta Shreshta]   PP
10/05/1999 Lumbini: The most wanted site      PP
16/05/1999 A Saregama of classical music [Bikash Yogi]   SP
21/05/1999 Nepal's world heritage site at stake     PP
23/05/1999 Lumbini: The fountain of peace     1/SP
28/05/1999 Welcome to the safe haven of lovers of children   PP
08/06/1999 A post-result examination for the nation's sake   PP
13/06/1999 The ring of Toni Hegan's [Hagen's] Buddha    SP
20/06/1999 A photographer's world [Cedric Dordevic]    SP
21/06/1999 Let's better use Esperanto, anyway     PP
01/07/1999 Everest Everest everywhere      PP
04/07/1999 Pachali Bhairav's assembly and [victory] celebration  1/SP
08/07/1999 Save Bagmati for garbage's sake     PP
14/07/1999 The price of Nepali blood      PP
18/07/1999 Art and artists in today's Nepal     2/sp
23/07/1999 A type of SLC resolution      PP
29/07/1999 Worldly wonder of being weaker     PP
06/08/1999 Philosophy of art    (or 2000?)   2/sp
08/08/1999 A sketch of Lumbini development     2/SP
12/08/1999 Grammar for feminist programmes     PP
02/09/1999 A new textbook on Nepali linguistics    PP
05/09/1999 In memory of late Rajbanshi      4/M
05/09/1999 My colourful magazine       3/SP
18/09/1999 AT a seminar on heritage preservation    4/pp
19/09/1999 Showcase of Kathmandu: Indrajatra     1/SP
23/09/1999 Kosovo, Kargil, Kalapani and Kathmandu    PP
30/09/1999 The world of micro-buses      PP
03/10/1999 Whiter control over capital traffic!    1/SP
15/10/1999 Story of a Balwan minister      PP
30/10/1999 We want democracy in Pakistan      PP
07/11/1999 Revival of Kathmandu's ancient art [paubha]   2/sp
16/11/1999 Caravan: The fake picture of Nepal     PP
03/12/1999 On recent popular price hike      4/pp
11/12/1999 We are after all campus students     4/pp
24/12/1999 Fifty percent discount on traffic law    PP
03/01/2000 Paper plans to hijack a plane PP
09/01/2000 Amar, the immortal artists      2/sp
14/01/2000 They unanimously agree       4/pp
16/01/2000 Narmadeshwar's free verse      4/M
30/01/2000 The game of sitar [Sitar Kasa]     3/SP
01/02/2000 That's because of the notorious numbers    PP
11/03/2000 Shivratri, fire and Aago      PP
22/03/2000 An essay on dogs        PP
05/04/2000 My house beneath Bagmati bridge     PP
14/04/2000 Circus festival in town       PP
21/04/2000 Let's go to Kathmandu       PP
05/05/2000 My house beneath Bagmati bridge (?)     4/PP
06/05/2000 At inauguration of Sundhara Park     PP
15/05/2000 A virus called I Love You      PP
20/05/2000 A zoo of its own kind       PP
28/05/2000 Temples sans idols       SP
29/05/2000 The refugee's other right      4/PP
18/06/2000 A different language [Esperanto]     SP
22/06/2000 A letter from domestic refugees     4/pp
24/06/2000 Lalitpur gaining: Patan Museum loses    1
26/06/2000 When civil coup clutched Nepal     4/PP
14/07/2000 Havoc down the city drains      1
17/07/2000 Gongabu Bus Park is still on the fist gear   1-8
23/07/2000 No jobs please, we are from historic Patan City   1-8
30/07/2000 The museum which holds the nature's treasure   8/SP
04/08/2000 The legacy of Machhendranath carries on    8
05/08/2000 Ranamukteshwor temple in ruins despite earning  (nb)  8
05/08/2000 Nepali citizenship for sale      PP
11/08/2000 Swoyambhu facelift not according to masterplan   8
14/08/2000 Vital registration low despite multiple uses   8
17/08/2000 How a 'gem' of Gaijatra faded in modernity...   1
30/08/2000 Gulam Ali to steal many hearts in capital    1
03/09/2000 When the statue cries out      2/SP
08/09/2000 1/3 houses in KMC illegal      1
10/09/2000 Business complex to be erected in Sundhara   8
23/09/2000 TU decree stirs job panic among teachers    1
04/10/2000 Valley might be listed as endangered heritage site  1
15/10/2000 When a bull joins ... stray cattle every full-moon night 1
15/10/2000 Leela Samson in Kathmandu      3/SP
15/10/2000 More than a history of literature [Nepalbhasa]  4/M
17/10/2000 Kathmanduites, are u ready to pay for your garbage?  1
23/10/2000 Ancient monument under army protection     pp
24/10/2000 Govt in search of new alternatives to garbage menace  1
02/11/2000 Even astrologers have their day/no copy    pp
05/11/2000 Why not Bahini-tika?       2/sp
10/11/2000 Lukewarm response to Govt subsidy on kerosene   1
11/11/2000 Vacancy open for mediators      4/pp
13/11/2000 Cultural City of Bhaktapur could face garbage problem  8
21/11/2000 Part-time TU teachers protest 'exploitation' [nb]  1
24/11/2000 KMC launches Household Waste Collection Programme  1
25/11/2000 Six more overhead bridges in capital (nb)   2
26/11/2000 The ever changing face of Rani Pokhari    1/SP
27/11/2000 Locals eager to swap land for garbage [Okharpauwa]  8
03/12/2000 A 200 years old spout groups for its existence [Tindhara] 1
03/12/2000 Hair cry for women's identity      2/sp
05/12/2000 Kerosene falls, coupon rises      4/pp
07/12/2000 Private construction encroaches historic site   1-8
14/12/2000 Kathmandu felicitates police force     4/pp
15/12/2000 KMC composting plant rusting despite garbage pile   1
16/12/2000 Int'l meet to be held to safeguard Nepal's heritage  8
21/12/2000 Illegal construction still going on despite objection  2
24/12/2000 The state of student architecture     8
25/12/2000 From garbage to cooking gas: A solution for Kathmandu? 1
29/12/2000 Roja ends with zeal among Muslims     2
31/12/2000 Works begin on Bishnumati Link Road Project   1
31/12/2000 Kids remember Guernica in 2000 [art&culture]  3
06/01/2001 Local efforts...      [np]
08/01/2001 Kathmandu heritage, witnessing transformations [Childe] 3
18/01/2001 Hospital waste, serioushealth hazard: Report   1
04/02/2001 Uncontrolled encroachment rules     2/SP
05/02/2001 We can live anywhere but can't forget our culture  2
06/02/2001 History blown to winds, for ... coins to gain  [Sundhara] 1
10/02/2001 Call from Heaven        PP
06/03/2001 Fressh storm brewing in cencuss drill    1
13/03/2001 Heritage conservation campaign likely to end   8
17/03/2001 Dhulikhel-Bhakunde Besi road opened     8
18/03/2001 Back in the hands of sincere people     SP
21/03/2001 War against open space       PP
23/03/2001 Development of Palace land irks city officials   1
25/03/2001 GS set to lease religious land     1
07/04/2001 She is now widow after 13 months of marriage [Purna]  2
09/04/2001 Giles Proctor... interview... [np]     3
13/04/2001 Bisket Festival turns a shame for Bhaktapur   3
15/04/2001 Bagmati ghats in dire need of protection from squatters 1
15/04/2001 Making of a planned Kathmandu Valley    1/SP
19/04/2001 Clubs follow KMC into pay-parking business   1
23/04/2001 Gagangunj sex trade lingers in Nepalgunj    1
24/04/2001 Nepal-India eco-region concept gaining new heights  8
27/04/2001 Mayor's dream... [cw]       3
29/04/2001 All ex-Kamaiyas are landless and vice-versa [rd]  3
29/04/2001 My name is Nirma        1/SP
04/05/2001 Charging for parking space - business or service? [cw] 3
05/05/2001 Cash rich Swoyambhu, rich in garbage too    1
05/05/2001 Cremation at Pashupati       4/PP
06/05/2001 Defying the trend... nuptial knot without colours  8
08/05/2001 Let's get studentship card      4/PP
12/05/2001 Capital's mushrooming Gombas worry experts   1
20/05/2001 Korean dance in Nepal       4/SP
23/05/2001 Squatters threaten agitation for free land   1
25/05/2001 Kathmandu No 2        4/PP
31/05/2001 Thousands of stolen artifacts await return ticket home  1
01/06/2001 Squatters not necessarily be landless  [cw]  3
06/06/2001 Bhasmasur's menace       4/PP
08/06/2001 Sissy film-making        4/PP
09/06/2001 After eight years, WHS beckons visitors [Sundari Chowk] 1
15/06/2001 Late King Dipendra's 'katto' ceremony over   1
(18/06/2001 Watch without battery       4/pp
23/06/2001 Times have change, Katte-Bahuns are outcastes on more  1
29/06/2001 Katto - Nepali trademark      4/pp
30/06/2001 Archaeology Dept threatens action against non-traditional 1
01/07/2001 Korean dialogue with nature      2/SP
04/07/2001 Of foraging cattle and traffic police    1
15/07/2001 Low monsoon rains likely to take heavy toll on paddy crop 1
15/07/2001 14-point agenda redefined      4/M
22/07/2001 With the onset of monsoon comes water contamination  4
22/07/2001 Saving local architecture in monument zones   3/SP
29/07/2001 And the show gaze o'th'times [Kumari]    1/SP
29/07/2001 Children say NGOs are misappropriating funds   1
04/08/2001 KMC facing uphill task re-naming streets    1
11/08/2001 Lumbini water kingdom       4/PP
12/08/2001 Census figures throw up errors     1
17/08/2001 Composting kitchen waste, keep city clean    3
18/08/2001 KMC to slap 'service charge' amid strong protest  8
19/08/2001 Breaking chains of tradition [children]     2/SP
23/08/2001 AT 84, ex-Kumari Hira Maiya continues ... conjugal life 1
24/08/2001 Businessmen to educate slum children [Pokhara]  8
28/08/2001 Birth of people's government      4/PP
30/082001 Symposium on illicit traffic in cultural property  2
01/09/2001 Sweepers lend hand making city healthy despite their health 3
07/09/2001 KMC tightens its grip on Kathmandu residents   2
15/09/2001 Mayor plans to revive the lost glory of Hanumandhoka  2
21/09/2001 KMC to investigate into misuse facilities by its members 1
23/09/2001 Cine-goers at risk at halls lack safety standards  8
23/09/2001 Out of the closet        2/SP
26/09/2001 It took Khokana residents 20 years ... need of toilets 2
05/10/2001 Craze for junglehood       4/PP
06/10/2001 Renovation of Mahavishnu in limbo     2
09/10/2001 A private project to renovate three temples at Hanumandhoka 2
12/10/2001 Cycling lane along side Maitighar-Tinkune road   1
20/10/2001 New bylaws to check unplanned construction    1
21/10/2001 Bagmati's dirty, stinking sand     1/SP
22/10/2001 Student union resolution      4/PP
23/10/2001 People unconcerned about meat quality    1
31/10/2001 From Indrajatra to Dashain      4/PP
01/11/2001 Global anthrax scare leads to local precaution   1
04/11/2001 A complete picture of Kathmandu [Ward Profile]   2/SP
08/11/2001 Future of Okharpauwa landfill site still uncertain  2
11/11/2001 Controversy puts Mhapuja in limbo     2
13/11/2001 Unmanaged hospital wastes may trigger epidemic in Capital 1-8
15/11/2001 Nepal Era awaits government recognition    2
18/11/2001 KMC goes for E-governance      2/SP
20/11/2001 Widespread financial irregularities mar KMC   1
28/11/2001 The footpath rulers  [cw]     3
01/12/2001 2002 the Year for Cultural Heritage     8
02/12/2001 Hanumandhoka Durbar Square [ht]     2/sp
07/12/2001 Capital getting facelift, thanks to SAARC summit  2
09/12/2001 Temple complex of Lord Pashupatinath [HT]    2/SP
15/12/2001 TCN to lay off 450 staff next week     1
16/12/2001 Patan Durbar Square [HT]      2/SP
22/12/2001 On the thick concrete jungle, wood is dead   1
23/12/2001 Swayambhu hill monument zone [ht]     2/sp
24/12/2001 With 'useless' committee dissolved, Lumbini lies abandoned 1
26/12/2001 Seven persons' city       4/pp
27/12/2001 Maitighar... look with mandala, stupa nad water spouts 1
30/12/2001 Bhaktapur Durbar Square [HT]      2/SP
31/12/2001 We utilise opportunity to facelift Kathmandu [PS Joshi] 3
06/01/2002 The great chaitya of Baudha [th]     2/sp
10/01/2002 Middle class turns out to be honest tax payers   8
13/01/2002 Temple of Changu Narayan [ht]     2/sp
14/01/2002 An ailing trust... Bhaktapur' Samyak has lost its lusture 2
18/01/2002 Time to revive old ways of excreta as manure   8
18/01/2002 Temporary garden        4/pp
20/01/2002 Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha [ht]   2/SP
22/01/2002 Manufacturers wait govt decion to take toxin back  8
27/01/2002 Where all wishes are fulfilled: Manakamana [ht]  2/SP
28/01/2002 Good news for old buildings: An award in waiting  1
28/01/2002 Tax on black        4/pp
01/02/2002 KMC council meet rescheduled amid budget controversy  2
02/02/2002 An royal palace looks to regain lost glory [Bahadur Shah] 2
03/02/2002 Bagmati ghat : Grand shrine along the holy river [ht]  2/SP
04/02/2002 The torana of Mani Kesav Narayan Chowk  [kn]    8
10/02/2002 Bungamati, home town of Red Maccindranath [ht]    2/sp 
12/02/2002 Lalitpur to grant autonomy to wards     2
13/02/2002 Health Warning: Beware of hazardeous medical waste [cw] 3
13/02/2002 Korean winds of the sprit          6/Midweek
17/02/2002 Whose land? Kirtipur farmers don't know, nor to authorities 1
17/02/2002 Manjushree Buddhist interpretation of Saraswati [ht]  2/SP
17/02/2002 Queen Aishwarya and social work     4/M
18/02/2002 Development in bazaar       4/pp
18/02/2002 The savior of Khmandu's monuments [Chhusyabaha] [nb]  2
22/02/2002 In't Mother Language Day: National language or l of Nation? 2
24/02/2002 Shalinadi, where sinners are relieved   [ht] 2/SP
24/02/2002 KVMP and changing face of Kathmandu     2
26/02/2002 Mission unification       4/pp
03/03/2002 Bodey; The town of tongue pierces   [ht]   2/SP
04/03/2002 Bagh Bhairav; The temple of the Tiger God  [kn]  8
10/03/2002 The ruins of Mangalsen palace   [ht]    2/SP
13/03/2002 Kathmandu in the clutches of local clubs  [cw]  3
15/03/2002 A question of identity ;To be or not to be a 'Dalit'  1
16/03/2002 Ranipokhari finally getting a facelift    2
17/03/2002 Ranipokhari; King's tribute to his beloved [ht]  2/sp
19/03/2002 Shopping for the helicopter   [pp]   4
23/03/2002 World Water Day: But the taps are still to be dry summer 1
24/03/2002 Inside themysterious tage of Shantipur  [ht]  2/sp
25/03/2002 Budhanilkantha; The Vishnu with the mysterious crown  8
26/03/2002 Melamchi water likely to be expensive    2
28/03/2002 Freed journalist recounts 10-day nightmare   1
31/03/2002 Sundari Chowk; with marvelous water spout  [ht]  2/sp
07/04/2002 KMC finally gets to manage city landmarks    1
07/04/2002 Ramchandra temple; with thirty-two butterflies [ht]  2/sp
08/04/2002 Bisket Jatra of Bhaktapur [kn]     8
10/04/2002 Crisis of water in once-upon-a-time lake  [cw]  3
14/04/2002 With the dawn of 2059 BS, Bhaktapur braces for Bisket Jatra 1
14/04/2002 Bhairav Temple, the house of Kashi Bishwonath [ht]  2/sp
21/04/2002 Ranamukteshwor; Running away from Guthi Sansthan [ht]  2/sp
26/04/2002 CBS on high literacy ignites controversy   1
28/04/2002 Ashok Binayak temple of royal Ganesh  [ht]  2/sp
05/05/2002 Teaching how to fish is better than fishes [Salil Shetty] 3
05/05/2002 Garden of Dreams     [ht]   2/sp
08/05/2002 Where's the KMC to find a safe landfill site? [cw]  3
12/05/2002 Gunakar Mahavihar     [ht]   2/sp
19/05/2002 Bhimsen Temple     [ht]   2/sp
20/05/2002 Rato Machhendranath, chairot festival of Bunga-Dyo [kn] 8
26/05/2002 Mahabaudha Vihar     [ht]   2/sp
01/06/2002 Sarangi; gift of the Gandharvas  [kn]   8
02/06/2002 Sorhakhutte area     [ht]   2/sp
06/06/2002 Project to install incinerator yet to be materialised  2
08/06/2002 Possibility of stolen Dipankar idol's return feeble  1
09/06/2002 Te Bahal      [ht]   2/sp
14/06/2002 Electric vehicles in bureaucratic tangle    2
16/06/2002 Kumar Temple     [ht]    2/sp
18/06/2002 Local World Cup     [pp]   4
23/06/2002 Aayoo Guthi Sattal    [ht]   2/sp
30/06/2002 Atko Narayan Temple    [ht]   2/sp
31/06/2002 Masterplan to bring back Hadigaon glory on the way  2
05/07/2002 Bureaucracy keeps electric vehicle out of valley streets 1
08/07/2002 Machatiya Jatra, piercing the children of the demon [kn] 8
10/07/2002 How many vehicles does the valley need?  [cw]  3
13/07/2002 Tundikhel getting a high fence, but locals worry  1
14/07/2002 People around Pashupatinath   [ht]   2/sp
17/07/2002 Wanna buy a redy-made house?   [cw]   3
19/07/2002 Monkey rules     [pp]   4
21/07/2002 Akash  Bhairav Temple    [ht]   2
28/07/2002 Kapalis likely to be deprived of graveyard of Pashupati 2
28/07/2002 Jayabaeshwori Temple    [ht]   2/sp
03/08/2002 Yatkha Bahaa conservation nears completion   2
04/08/2002 Guheshwori Temple     [ht]   2/sp
06/08/2002 Local efforts bring about changes in lifestyle   2
09/08/2002 UNESCO to close down its office     1
11/08/2002 A look into the culture of Chapagaon    2/sp
11/08/2002 Batsaleshwori Temple    [ht]   2/sp
18/08/2002 Pancha Deval     [ht]   2/sp
21/08/2002 The only culture of Kathmandu Valley - rent culture [cw] 3
23/08/2002 Good-bye to UNESCO    [pp]   4
25/08/2002 Bahidyo still continues, but with lesser fanfare  1
25/08/2002 Bhuwaneshwori temple    [ht]   2/sp
26/08/2002 I'll find permanent solution for garbage problem: Sharma 3
01/09/2002 Elderly lament as PADT prepares to evacuate Bridhashram 1
01/09/2002 Gorakhnath temple     [ht]   2/sp
06/09/2002 Young Dhaa players show regard to age-old tradition  2
08/09/2002 Bishwarup temple     [ht]   2/sp
09/09/2002 Shrine of Risheshwor, will it come out of govt's clutches? 2
11/09/2002 Poor seek identity among rich Kathmanduites  [cw] 3
12/09/2002 US $ 41,000 for two seminars!      2
15/09/2002 Nawadurga Temple [ht]       2/sp
26/09/2002  Politicking over Living Goddess     5
27/09/2002 Swayambhu demolition turns into a ministerial farce  8
30/09/2002 UML, ANWA at loggerheads over Kumari    2
08/10/2002 Magarkot realising local visitors' importance   8
11/10/2002 Nepal delays reports on heritae sites to UNESCO   2
20/10/2002 A multi-dimenstional personality     4/m
20/10/2002 This Kumari needs not follow strict rules    1
21/10/2002 Neglected Bhadrakali awaits conservation plans   2
22/10/2002 Squatters' minister       4/pp
26/10/2002 Colloidal silver, a vew water filter device   2
27/10/2002 govt apathy turns land at Tinkune into fishing pool  2 [nb]
29/10/2002 With Bangdel's demise, future of NAC hangs in balance/PP 2
03/11/2002 Pabitra's physical disability strengthens family bond  2
11/11/2002 Timely construction of overhead bridges always a dream 2
12/11/2002 Dalit politics        5
???  What if the government-owned buildings are illegal?  3

Thursday, October 07, 2010

List of stories in THT

2002-12-13 Royal Palae to manage Hanumandhoka
2002-12-17 Govt prescrition riles druggists
2002-12-22 Ceramic filter being developed
2002-12-26 Yet another illegal structure in Swoyambhu
2002-12-31 2300-year-old inscription found in Chabahil
2003-01-03 Solid waste major headache for KMC
2003-01-07 Laws for heritage preservation Midway
2003-01-09 Petrol pumps make city a powder keg - p1
2003-02-02 Devoltees brave cold, rain for spouses[Swasthani]
2003-02-06 Kathmandu city's face-lift yet to materialize
2003-02-08 Residents [of Kirtipur] for fight for land
2003-02-10 Govt meddling, power struggle hit KVMP
2003-02-12 No water supply for 35pc valley houses
2003-02-14 Kisijatra resumes in Madhyapur after 9 years
2003-02-22 Nepal lagging in conserving monumnets [UNESCO]
2003-02-26 Pashupati panel seeks donors for privilege cards
2003-02-01 Vanishing legacy [of world heritage zones in Kathmandu Valley] - variety
2003-03-02 Activists, squatters to fights agaisnt proposed UN park
2003-03-15 Restructure NWSC: Experts
2003-03-17 Pashupatinath Industries Pvt Ltd - Midway
2003-03-19 Jala Pyakhan depicts 2,000-year-old drama
2003-03-24 Bringing H2O from Japan! - Midway
2003-04-10 Playboys of Nepali politics - Miday
2003-04-17 Conservation plan drafted to protect Swyambhu
2003-04-28 Bungamati ready for big festival
2003-04-29 Culture of Nepali puppetry
2003-05-11 Lessons learnt [Yetkha Bahal - UNESCO]
2003-05-17 KMC to revive cremation project
2003-05-25 Construction depleting city waer table
2003-06-07 Eternalising peace [in Lumbini] - Variety
2003-06-08 Dream houses' future hands in balance
2003-05-13 Valley environment turning better
2003-06-22 Have building plans? Learn to bribe first
My sadist leader - Midway
2003-06-29 Cinemas in dire s traits, say owners
2003-07-07 Kathmandu Valley veers into [UNESCO] 'danger zone'
2003-07-11 Govt spending Rs 36.5 billion to provide water for select few
2003-07-27 KMC decision to hit garbage collection
2003-07-30 NWSC launches project for better water distribution
2003-08-18 Govt apathy on heritage sites slammed
2003-08-24 Rafters blast authorities for polluted Bagmati
2003-09-02 Move to slacken vigil over antiques
2003-09-04 Love's labour lost - Midway
2003-09-06 Govt order hits Valley blood donations
2003-09-14 Lakhe culture in jeopardy
2003-09-20 Love for Nepal changes paraplegic's life [of a Japanese]
2003-10-03 Six mask dances to be performed
2003-10-12 KMC maor charges ex-CEO with graft
2003-10-21 Pratappur temple waits for restoration
2003-10-22 Stolen ancient idol [of Dipankar] on its back
2003- ???? The Homecoming [of Dipankar] - Variety
2003-10-27 Government nod for Nepal Era, finally
2003-10-30 Nepal likely to be a separate RI district
2003-11-02 Kal Bhairav idol to regain original form soon
2003-11-09 Govt, local bodies encroach ponds [of Kirtipur]
2003-11-14 KMC mayor's public hearing washout
2003-11-23 Why is Hanumandhoka closed for visitors?
2003-11-28 Emission tests can be doctored!
2003-12-05 Donation requestss flood mayor's public hearing
2003-12-06 KMC plans big budget without enough cash
2003-12-21 KMCrejects MLD plan for solid waste
2003-12-26 Christians take the Chrismas plunge
???? Humour in things [book reviews on Abin's cartoon collecion]
2004-01-20 Finance ministry files rot in cellars [of KMC]
2004-02-03 Vehicle-free New Road on the cards
2004-02-11 KMC's grandiose plans hide penury within
2004-02-22 Bungamati faces rapid cultural transformation
2004-02-26 Govt preaches, practices not [ on Bandh days]
2004-03-14 Waterless days ahead in Valley
2004-03-20 Consultatnts hog lion's share of Melamchi-spent
2004-04-26 Mega water [of Guheshowri] treatment plant 'not pulling its weight'
2004-04-30 Government mulls narrowing down heritage sites
2004-05-11 KMC okays over one lack illegal buildings
2004-06-10 Red tapism hindering conservation [ of monuments]
2004-06-16 Strike to end, terro tago to go later
2004-06-25 Kathmandu water contains arsenic
2004-07-04 'Corrupt' officials promoting public land encroachment
2004-07-12 Bhaktapur Palace courtyards may collapse
2004-07-18 Not much in budget for Valley plans
2004-07-25 Ancient inscriptions beign trampled upon
2004-08-23 Patan Palace's prettiest [Sundari Cowk] part shut
2004-09-21 Sisdole landfill work underway
2004-09-24 Dupted whammy: Torture follows trickery
2004-10-21 Separate Dashain for Bhaktapur poor
2004-11-08 Littering NGO plays havoc on people
2004-11-22 Will proposed Outer Ring Road be bane for Valley?
2008-11-30 Lumbini jamborree all set to kick off
2004-12-01 Lumbini Declaration sees light of day
2004-12-05 Lumbini Summit a farce, say Buddhists
2004-12-13 Dharahara park being built despite SC fiat
2004-12-21 Dharahara insurance sets example in heritage conservation
2005-01-02 'Bribe thirst' stymies bid to teach kids Internet
2005-05-06 Squatters up in arms against access road plan
2005-06-17 National Urban Policy in the offing
2005-09-01 Lumbini plan set for overhaul
2005-09-23 Nepal playerin world carbon trade courtesy Kyoto Protocol
2005-09-26 Govt to implement Euro II emission standards
2005-10-07 City-portion of Melamci project waiting for funds
2005-11-11 500-km walk to usher in peace
2005-12-08 Power tariffs may soar following new ordinance
2005-12-29 Govt urged to make public status of disappeared
2006-01-01 Carbon credit: Two projects registered
2006-01-06 Opinion poll predicts 43pc voting
2006-02-02 Child mariages still on in valley vicinity
2006-02-24 ADB pumps life into water project
2006-02-25 Cable TV to go beyong commonners' reach soon
2006-03-10 Jhuma tradition on in Muktinath
2006-03-19 Adjusted Bikram Era calendar in the offing
2006-03-23 Dirty riverst no longer link culture with water
2006-03-29 Privatisation of water resources opposed at world meet
2006-04-05 Child clubs flourishing
2006-04-15 Outer Ring Road may plug groundwater supply in Valley
2006-04-24 Govt was lame duck anyway: Shrish Rana
2006-05-12 Newar body stresses on ethnic autonomy
2006-05-17 Valley houses may collapse any time: Study
2006-05-29 Jana Andolan victims living miserable lives
2006-06-04 Nepal to fall short of MDG on water: Report
2006-06-18 A new dimension in education sector -- Janabadi Shikshya (no by)
2006-07-27 Heritage-in-danger tag to go
2006-07-30 Locals in for bigger tourism pie
2006-08-11 Maoist focus on autonomy to Newars in Valley
2006-08-24 West Seti work to begin next year
2006-08-27 Water supplied in Valley substandard: Report
2006-08-31 Rainwater harvesting to save Rani Pokhari
2006-09-03 New strategy must to save rhinos: Experts
2006-09-10 Many City folk among urban poor: Survey
2006-09-15 Nepali primates used for US research
2006-09-29 Khokana 'divinities' dance on Dashain sidelines
2006-10-01 Govt not doing enough for Kumari's upkeep?
2006-10-11 Week-long ritual events planned to mark [Int'l Day for Disaster Reduction] day
2006-10-13 Top leaders scent success
2006-10-21 Preparations planned to mark Nepal Era 1127
2006-10-22 Nepali simians 'soft target' for export to US
2006-11-05 KMC says no to garbage from 'outside'
2006-11-27 Poll preparation in full swing
2006-11-31 Rescued pangolin dead; one held
2006-12-03 ADB-funded water project not serving urban poor: Report
2006-12-06 Privatisation of waer supply to invite protests
2006-12-09 Ghunsa chopper crash victims' kin seek dues
2006-12-15 UN-HABITAT to grand $ 2.5 annually until 2010
2006-12-16 Kalam tells nations to focus on rural development
2006-12-17 Delhi declaration announced
2006-12-24 Talking about water rights
2007-01-12 ADB-aided projects 'not helping' target groups
2007-01-24 Locals help resuce injured plangolin
2007-01-31 INGOs plan Bengal tiger census in Nepal
2007-02-01 Time running out for EC to hold polls
2007-02-08 Maoists to reject voters' list: Hisila
2007-04-06 Regional plans to check trade in wildlife soon
2007-04-20 Experts against Nepal nod to lift an on tiger trade
2007-04-28 Bold decision on Melamchi project in a month: Yami
2007-05-19 To kep Severn Trent or to dump it, Sunday meet to decide
2007-06-04 Pact to rid Tarai water of arsenic
2007-06-10 Road threatens to knock down historic spouts
2007-06-20 Plan to unbundle NWSC in two months
2007-06-17 Nepal urged to seek inclusion of more heritage sites in UNESCO list
2007-06-31 Maoist obstruct UN verification in Sindhuli camp
2007-07-05 Poor to pay dear for Melamci water
2007-07-19 Excess staff, strike hit water supply body
2007-07-28 Environment conservation dept in offing
2007-09-07 Man in Japan sponsors Nepali's education
2007-09-12 NWSC on verge of bankruptcy
2007-09-15 UNESCO seeks status of 'illegal' road at Pashupati
2007-10-07 Water, sanitation projects making tardy progress
2007-09-26 Piped water for landless in Tanahu village
2007-10-19 Call for clean development projects
2007-10-.. Tigni: Setting up a model village
2007-10-28 Chlorine lacking in piped water in Valley: Survey
2007-11-01 Small parties to team up for TPR
2007-11-04 Lack of bridges makes half of rural road network 'defunct'
2007-11-07 ADB loan renewal for Melamchi not before Jan
2007-11-15 Ex-army men to approach UN
2007-11-26 Plan for Lumbini development soon
2007-11-29 Kailali jungles face encroachment
2007-11-30 Bio-briquettes can keep hte winter at bay
2007-12-06 FM stations are mired; some are suspect
2007-12-07 Power outage? Turn to Solar Tuki
2007-12-14 Mix ethanol with petrol, save money!
2007-12-21 Can bio-fuel bail NOC out of red?
2007-12-22 Nepal to be a party to convention on intangible heritage
2007-12-31 [Multi-purpose] Melamchi: Dream or reality?
2008-01-20 EC to educate voters in 17 ethnic languages
2008-03-03 CA election will see a sea of observers
2008-03-30 Legal remedy looks distant as polls violence goes on
2008-04-06 Only two-third of claimed observers will be deployed
2008-04-09 May applicants for observers rejected [Damauli]
2008-04-12 Counting begins amid disputes [Gorkha]
2008-04-20 Janajatis upbeat after poll showing; bag 82 seats
2008-04-22 Janajatis first-timers send bigwigs packing
2008-04-26 Maoists bag 100 PR seats, says EC
2008-05-09 Convention report sees holes in FNJ account book
2008-05-12 EC mulls action against erring observers
2008-05-19 Shah dynasty ghosts haunt museum development
2008-05-26 Water tariff hike in pipeline
2008-05-26 Constituent Assembly pie fails to cheer up margnialised groups

Monday, August 11, 2008

Where’s the plan to cope with climate change?

Razen Manandhar

Kathmandu, August 10 [2008]
Nepal has not been able to come up with an action plan to cope with the impact of climate change, thanks to vested interests of international organisations. As a result, $2 lakh given to Nepal to prepare the plan has been lying idle.
Nepal was supposed to prepare a National Adaptation Programmes of Action to benefit from the international provision of supporting the Least Developed Countries on how to cope with climate change.

Despite a lot of hue and cry at the national and international forums, initiatives to prepare NAPA came a cropper. Files gathered dust in the Environment Ministry for some time and it took more time for the Global Environment Facility (GEF) to okay our proposal. GEF has agreed to provide $200,000 for NAPA drafting, while the United Nations Development Programme has agreed to finalise the document for Nepal.
But, instead of preparing the long-waited document, officials are trying to lure more international donors and make it a bigger project.

What is NAPA?

Article 4.9 of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) recognises the specific needs and special situations of LDCs. It recommends LDCs to prepare NAPAs on their own. It generally provides a process for the LDCs to identify priority activities that respond to their urgent and immediate needs with regard to adaptation to climate change.

The rationale for NAPAs rests on the limited ability of LDCs to adapt to adverse effects of climate change. The NAPAs take into account existing coping strategies at the grassroots level. In this process, prominence is given to community-level input as an important source of information, recognising that grassroots communities are the main stakeholders.

Once NAPA is prepared, Nepal can seek millions of dollars for coping with climate change. Six years have passed since Nepal started talking about drafting NAPA, but loose talks have led us to nowhere. It may take several years for Nepal to come up with a functional plan. It’s an irony that 35 out of 40 LCDS have submitted their NAPAs.

Decision 28/CP.7 of UNFCCC has set guidelines for NAPAs. According to the guidelines, any country can prepare their plans. In order to effectively address urgent and immediate adaptation needs, NAPA documents should be presented in a simple format, easily understood both by policy-level decision-makers and the public.
Out of the 35 countries, Mauritania was the first country to submit its plan. The last one was Sierra Leone, which submitted its NAPA in June 2008.

Role of UNDP
UNDP official Tek Bahadur, tasked with preparing NAPA, says it is taking more time to prepare a draft because UNDP is looking for some more donors, who can contribute to NAPA and prepare a bigger document.

“We are meantime looking for other donors, who can help us with more money. Instead of preparing conventional NAPA, we have a vision of making an ‘Extended NAPA’, which will cover more areas,” says he.

The new project document has added segments of knowledge management and learning centre as well as multi-stakeholder strategy in the NAPA. According to him, DANIDA and DFID are providing one million dollar for preparing NAPA.

But the question is whether the UNDP has the authority to go for extended version of NAPA and look for international donor agencies without the ministry’s consent. As a focal point, preparing NAPA is the responsibility of the Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology. It has nominated UNDP as the implementing agency, but has not been able to keep the things under its control.

Lack of political commitment for the preparation could be pointed out because we hardly have any ministry in our political history, which has the slightest knowledge of environmental issues. Many environment ministers even do not visit the offices. Expecting them to understand issues like NAPA is asking for too much.

We have a bureaucracy in which capable officials are transferred to other ministries if they refuse to bow to political pressure. Some ministry officials try to use their expertise to grab more “lucrative” seats. In these circumstances, it’s no wonder if the minister fails to draw attention of institutions concerned and have NAPA drafted on time.

Sources at the ministry say there has hardly been any official correspondence between the ministry and the UNDP over drafting of NAPA. Though the ministry is well-informed about NAPA, it’s recommendation has not been sought.

Role of NGOs

Drafting of NAPA, the document that enable Nepal to earn millions of dollars for adapting to climate change, has been lingering for years, while hundreds of non-governmental organisations have been keeping mum. None of the organisations working for nature conservation, clean energy and climate change have criticised the implementing agency for the delay in the preparation of NAPA.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

46 years on, project to build parliament complex still in limbo

Razen Manandhar

Kathmandu, August 4 [2008]
Though the proposal to construct a modern parliament building was made as early as 1962, the same has remained only on paper for 46 years. A full-fledged parliament is likely to be elected within a few years, if all goes well, but the government has no idea so far when the parliament building would be built.When the issue of the venue for Constituent Assembly came, a last minute decision was taken to use the International Convention Centre at Baneshwor as the venue for the Assembly.

Government officials say that the construction of a parliament building would take at least five years in normal situation. If the Constituent Assembly worked smoothly, it will write a new constitution within two and a half years. A maximum of two more years would take for the parliamentary elections to take place. In that scenario, the country would need parliamentary complex constructed within four and a half years.

The Constituent Assembly, which functions also as the Parliament, has not even able to form a new government, forget about other issues including the study of the design of the parliament complex.The need of a new, comfortable and modern parliament building was realised as early as 1962. Engineer at the Department of Urban Development Hari Krishna Upadhyaya was one of the key designers of the model parliament building. The project started normally but the construction of the ambitious project was sidelined after fire engulfed a part of Singha Durbar in 1973, when only a portion of the work on the parliamentary complex was completed. The present Home Ministry building was a part of the then proposed grand parliament complex.

In 1994, four years after the restoration of multi-party democracy and three years after the a991 parliamentary election, the issue of the need of a parliament building emerged again. The parliament then allocated 151 ropanis of land on northeast corner of the Singha Durbar complex for the construction of a parliamentary building. The table work began. The government allocated Rs 5 million for initial studies on the project.

Sources said that even a team was formed to coordinate the construction and it travelled to India, Pakistan, Britain, the US and other countries
for studying the models of parliamentary buildings there. But the efforts and money spent on this failed to give any momentum to the construction of the project.
Afterwards, the government has been allocating small budget for the project but the budget is not even sufficient to run a small office. Neither manpower nor mandate has been given to the team to accomplish the task.

“A lot of people have earned bucks in the name of the construction of the parliament building, but there is little hope that the 46-year-old dream will materialise easily soon,” said a government engineer. He said the the project was being delayed due to the commission game.

The construction of a parliament building and housing complex for the Members of Parliament is also one of the agenda of the interim plan of the National Planning Commission. But the plan lacks details on who will take care of the proposed construction.

“We have been doing our best to complete our duty as soon as possible. But we cannot do it alone. We need approval from the government,” said Mani Prasad Rai, member secretary of the Singha Durbar Reconstruction Committee.

Last year, the dream project for the parliament building got some momentum, thanks to then Speaker Subas Nembang and some other members of the parliament.
The committee prepared a conceptual design and it was presented to select members of the parliament in September 2007. After a series of internal discussions, the Interim Parliament wrote a letter to the committee to make a new design. According to the letter, the Lower House building should have space to accommodate 350 to 400 members and the Upper House building should have space for 150 to 200 members.
The committee prepared another design, which proposes a main dome for the Lower House with 650 seats and a upper house with 250 seats. The main dome could be
used also for the joint session of the parliament.

According to the design, there will be three square structures with domes and four rectangular structures. The main dome will be used as the Lower House and for joint session. The rest two domes will be used as the Upper House and the Parliament Secretariat. Apart from this, there will be a service block, a cafeteria as well as a lot of parking space within the complex.

The design has proposed facilities like library, canteen, office of parliamentary committees, party offices and other small units. It is estimated that the construction would cost around Rs 2.75 billion.

Ram Prasad Belbase, an administrative officer at the committee, said the lack of commitment on the part of the government and the political parties was the cause behind the lingering of the project.

We have made detailed designs of each of the blocks but we cannot move ahead without getting a formal go-ahead from the government.

“We can see, everybody is busy in Constituent Assembly and this project, even as the parliamentary complex is the foundation of the multi-party parliamentary system, is not in the government’s priority,” he said. He also added that the government should revise the earlier designs if needed. He suggested it would be better to have a national level design competition among architectures so that the country’s landmark infrastructure could have the best of the designs.


Thursday, July 31, 2008

Plan to resettle West Seti-affected soon

Razen Manandhar
Kathmandu, July 28:

The West Seti Hydro Limited (WSHL) is going to start a resettlement programme soon for over 14,000 people affected by the 750-MW power project in the far-western region.

“We will meet the locals soon with a concrete plan on what we can do for them to make the project a success,” said WSHL advisor Eddie Barendse, also the chief of the resettlement programme.

Following this, several teams of the project are scheduled to hold meetings at the local levels on the project’s $100 million resettlement programme on Thursday.

The project’s representatives will discuss with three local groups — West Seti Concerned main committee, committee of downstream affected groups and people living near the powerhouse’s site.

Talking to this daily, Barendse said, “Our study found that the local people are ready to contribute their land once they get reasonable compensation and over 80 per cent of them want to shift to Tarai districts.”

According to a project’s study, a total of 14,378 people of 1,680 households in four districts — Baitadi, Bajhang, Doti and Dadeldhura — will be affected by the construction of around 20 sq km reservoir of the project. Of them, 1,202 families need to be shifted to Kailali and Kanchanpur, the study stated.

Sociologist of the project Dr Saroj Adhikari said the resettlement programme supported by the Asian Development Bank would benefit the marginalised communities.

Under the scheme, poor or vulnerable group having one or two ropanis of land would get either 23.19 ropanis of irrigable land or 38.92 ropanis of land in the Tarai.

[2008 July 30]

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What’s stopping government from paying PLA its dues?


Razen Manandhar
Kathmandu, July 28
The signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement between the government and the Maoists, who formally entered the mainstream politics by ending their decade-long armed struggle, on November 21, 2006, was greeted with euphoria.

Since then, thousands of People’s Liberation Army personnel, who laid the foundation stone for a republic, have been living in pathetic conditions in cantonments.

The United Nations Mission in Nepal (UNMIN) has verified over 19,000 Maoist combatants, who are living in seven cantonments located in different parts of the country.

Nineteen months have passed since the signing of the peace agreement, but the government has provided the combatants with allowance of only seven months. The PLA soldiers are living on a ration of Rs 60 a day.

Recently, Maoist chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ himself complained that the government had not sent allowance to the cantonments for several months. “Our fighters have not received their due allowance,” Prachanda warned at a press conference a few days ago.

Finance Minister Dr Ram Sharan Mahat has openly said the government would not release the money until the Maoists follow the peace agreement.

This is an example of the negligence on part of the government towards the written commitment to provide allowance to the Maoist soldiers living in cantonments. The irony is that Maoist ministers too have failed to take any concrete decision from the cabinet on the allowance for their fighters.

All people, including Nepalis and foreigners, politicians and diplomats, bureaucrats and businessmen, all appreciated the peace agreement; but nobody seems serious about the commitment expressed in the agreement to bring the armed revolution to a real peaceful conclusion.

The Maoist fighters were also found crossing the limits set by the agreement. At times, they reportedly came out of the cantonments and got involved in extortion and abduction, while their leaders in the capital kept on defending them.

The period since the signing of CPA has been marked by mutual suspicion. The seven-party alliance feared that Maoists would seize state power if they gained majority in the elections and there would be no role for parties for at least a few decades. The Maoists failed to convince the alliance and the government that they would not use the arms stored in the cantonments against democracy. This lack of trust has been causing the PLA combatants to suffer. PLA deputy commander Janardhan Sharma Prabhakar accused ‘influential NC leaders’ of blocking the release of allowance for no good reason.

He said the PLA combatants received allowance only for seven months.

"Nobody knows for what reason they the allowance has been blocked. It will have a long-term effect on the peace process," he warned.

He said the Maoist leaders had raised the issue in the meetings with the government as well as the SPA several times but without much headway. “We have repeatedly asked the government to fulfil its commitment. We have made over a dozen of agreements on this issue. They only pay lip service, but no money,” Sharma added.

Office of the Central Coordinator for Cantonment Management is the authority, with representatives from all major parties, to transfer the budget from the government to the cantonments. As the government does not take any step to release the budget, the committee seems helpless. The committee has not met for the past four months.

"We have no authority to release or stop the money. The delay is at the political end," said Avanindra Kumar Shrestha, the coordinator of the office.

He said it was possible that since the cabinet meetings had to concentrate on other political issues ahead of the CA election, the issue of allowance might have been pushed to the backburner.

All we can hope is that the mutual suspicion between the parties concerned ends and the peace process is not derailed over the issue of allowance.

[2008 July 29]