Thursday, October 07, 2010

List of stories in THT

2002-12-13 Royal Palae to manage Hanumandhoka
2002-12-17 Govt prescrition riles druggists
2002-12-22 Ceramic filter being developed
2002-12-26 Yet another illegal structure in Swoyambhu
2002-12-31 2300-year-old inscription found in Chabahil
2003-01-03 Solid waste major headache for KMC
2003-01-07 Laws for heritage preservation Midway
2003-01-09 Petrol pumps make city a powder keg - p1
2003-02-02 Devoltees brave cold, rain for spouses[Swasthani]
2003-02-06 Kathmandu city's face-lift yet to materialize
2003-02-08 Residents [of Kirtipur] for fight for land
2003-02-10 Govt meddling, power struggle hit KVMP
2003-02-12 No water supply for 35pc valley houses
2003-02-14 Kisijatra resumes in Madhyapur after 9 years
2003-02-22 Nepal lagging in conserving monumnets [UNESCO]
2003-02-26 Pashupati panel seeks donors for privilege cards
2003-02-01 Vanishing legacy [of world heritage zones in Kathmandu Valley] - variety
2003-03-02 Activists, squatters to fights agaisnt proposed UN park
2003-03-15 Restructure NWSC: Experts
2003-03-17 Pashupatinath Industries Pvt Ltd - Midway
2003-03-19 Jala Pyakhan depicts 2,000-year-old drama
2003-03-24 Bringing H2O from Japan! - Midway
2003-04-10 Playboys of Nepali politics - Miday
2003-04-17 Conservation plan drafted to protect Swyambhu
2003-04-28 Bungamati ready for big festival
2003-04-29 Culture of Nepali puppetry
2003-05-11 Lessons learnt [Yetkha Bahal - UNESCO]
2003-05-17 KMC to revive cremation project
2003-05-25 Construction depleting city waer table
2003-06-07 Eternalising peace [in Lumbini] - Variety
2003-06-08 Dream houses' future hands in balance
2003-05-13 Valley environment turning better
2003-06-22 Have building plans? Learn to bribe first
My sadist leader - Midway
2003-06-29 Cinemas in dire s traits, say owners
2003-07-07 Kathmandu Valley veers into [UNESCO] 'danger zone'
2003-07-11 Govt spending Rs 36.5 billion to provide water for select few
2003-07-27 KMC decision to hit garbage collection
2003-07-30 NWSC launches project for better water distribution
2003-08-18 Govt apathy on heritage sites slammed
2003-08-24 Rafters blast authorities for polluted Bagmati
2003-09-02 Move to slacken vigil over antiques
2003-09-04 Love's labour lost - Midway
2003-09-06 Govt order hits Valley blood donations
2003-09-14 Lakhe culture in jeopardy
2003-09-20 Love for Nepal changes paraplegic's life [of a Japanese]
2003-10-03 Six mask dances to be performed
2003-10-12 KMC maor charges ex-CEO with graft
2003-10-21 Pratappur temple waits for restoration
2003-10-22 Stolen ancient idol [of Dipankar] on its back
2003- ???? The Homecoming [of Dipankar] - Variety
2003-10-27 Government nod for Nepal Era, finally
2003-10-30 Nepal likely to be a separate RI district
2003-11-02 Kal Bhairav idol to regain original form soon
2003-11-09 Govt, local bodies encroach ponds [of Kirtipur]
2003-11-14 KMC mayor's public hearing washout
2003-11-23 Why is Hanumandhoka closed for visitors?
2003-11-28 Emission tests can be doctored!
2003-12-05 Donation requestss flood mayor's public hearing
2003-12-06 KMC plans big budget without enough cash
2003-12-21 KMCrejects MLD plan for solid waste
2003-12-26 Christians take the Chrismas plunge
???? Humour in things [book reviews on Abin's cartoon collecion]
2004-01-20 Finance ministry files rot in cellars [of KMC]
2004-02-03 Vehicle-free New Road on the cards
2004-02-11 KMC's grandiose plans hide penury within
2004-02-22 Bungamati faces rapid cultural transformation
2004-02-26 Govt preaches, practices not [ on Bandh days]
2004-03-14 Waterless days ahead in Valley
2004-03-20 Consultatnts hog lion's share of Melamchi-spent
2004-04-26 Mega water [of Guheshowri] treatment plant 'not pulling its weight'
2004-04-30 Government mulls narrowing down heritage sites
2004-05-11 KMC okays over one lack illegal buildings
2004-06-10 Red tapism hindering conservation [ of monuments]
2004-06-16 Strike to end, terro tago to go later
2004-06-25 Kathmandu water contains arsenic
2004-07-04 'Corrupt' officials promoting public land encroachment
2004-07-12 Bhaktapur Palace courtyards may collapse
2004-07-18 Not much in budget for Valley plans
2004-07-25 Ancient inscriptions beign trampled upon
2004-08-23 Patan Palace's prettiest [Sundari Cowk] part shut
2004-09-21 Sisdole landfill work underway
2004-09-24 Dupted whammy: Torture follows trickery
2004-10-21 Separate Dashain for Bhaktapur poor
2004-11-08 Littering NGO plays havoc on people
2004-11-22 Will proposed Outer Ring Road be bane for Valley?
2008-11-30 Lumbini jamborree all set to kick off
2004-12-01 Lumbini Declaration sees light of day
2004-12-05 Lumbini Summit a farce, say Buddhists
2004-12-13 Dharahara park being built despite SC fiat
2004-12-21 Dharahara insurance sets example in heritage conservation
2005-01-02 'Bribe thirst' stymies bid to teach kids Internet
2005-05-06 Squatters up in arms against access road plan
2005-06-17 National Urban Policy in the offing
2005-09-01 Lumbini plan set for overhaul
2005-09-23 Nepal playerin world carbon trade courtesy Kyoto Protocol
2005-09-26 Govt to implement Euro II emission standards
2005-10-07 City-portion of Melamci project waiting for funds
2005-11-11 500-km walk to usher in peace
2005-12-08 Power tariffs may soar following new ordinance
2005-12-29 Govt urged to make public status of disappeared
2006-01-01 Carbon credit: Two projects registered
2006-01-06 Opinion poll predicts 43pc voting
2006-02-02 Child mariages still on in valley vicinity
2006-02-24 ADB pumps life into water project
2006-02-25 Cable TV to go beyong commonners' reach soon
2006-03-10 Jhuma tradition on in Muktinath
2006-03-19 Adjusted Bikram Era calendar in the offing
2006-03-23 Dirty riverst no longer link culture with water
2006-03-29 Privatisation of water resources opposed at world meet
2006-04-05 Child clubs flourishing
2006-04-15 Outer Ring Road may plug groundwater supply in Valley
2006-04-24 Govt was lame duck anyway: Shrish Rana
2006-05-12 Newar body stresses on ethnic autonomy
2006-05-17 Valley houses may collapse any time: Study
2006-05-29 Jana Andolan victims living miserable lives
2006-06-04 Nepal to fall short of MDG on water: Report
2006-06-18 A new dimension in education sector -- Janabadi Shikshya (no by)
2006-07-27 Heritage-in-danger tag to go
2006-07-30 Locals in for bigger tourism pie
2006-08-11 Maoist focus on autonomy to Newars in Valley
2006-08-24 West Seti work to begin next year
2006-08-27 Water supplied in Valley substandard: Report
2006-08-31 Rainwater harvesting to save Rani Pokhari
2006-09-03 New strategy must to save rhinos: Experts
2006-09-10 Many City folk among urban poor: Survey
2006-09-15 Nepali primates used for US research
2006-09-29 Khokana 'divinities' dance on Dashain sidelines
2006-10-01 Govt not doing enough for Kumari's upkeep?
2006-10-11 Week-long ritual events planned to mark [Int'l Day for Disaster Reduction] day
2006-10-13 Top leaders scent success
2006-10-21 Preparations planned to mark Nepal Era 1127
2006-10-22 Nepali simians 'soft target' for export to US
2006-11-05 KMC says no to garbage from 'outside'
2006-11-27 Poll preparation in full swing
2006-11-31 Rescued pangolin dead; one held
2006-12-03 ADB-funded water project not serving urban poor: Report
2006-12-06 Privatisation of waer supply to invite protests
2006-12-09 Ghunsa chopper crash victims' kin seek dues
2006-12-15 UN-HABITAT to grand $ 2.5 annually until 2010
2006-12-16 Kalam tells nations to focus on rural development
2006-12-17 Delhi declaration announced
2006-12-24 Talking about water rights
2007-01-12 ADB-aided projects 'not helping' target groups
2007-01-24 Locals help resuce injured plangolin
2007-01-31 INGOs plan Bengal tiger census in Nepal
2007-02-01 Time running out for EC to hold polls
2007-02-08 Maoists to reject voters' list: Hisila
2007-04-06 Regional plans to check trade in wildlife soon
2007-04-20 Experts against Nepal nod to lift an on tiger trade
2007-04-28 Bold decision on Melamchi project in a month: Yami
2007-05-19 To kep Severn Trent or to dump it, Sunday meet to decide
2007-06-04 Pact to rid Tarai water of arsenic
2007-06-10 Road threatens to knock down historic spouts
2007-06-20 Plan to unbundle NWSC in two months
2007-06-17 Nepal urged to seek inclusion of more heritage sites in UNESCO list
2007-06-31 Maoist obstruct UN verification in Sindhuli camp
2007-07-05 Poor to pay dear for Melamci water
2007-07-19 Excess staff, strike hit water supply body
2007-07-28 Environment conservation dept in offing
2007-09-07 Man in Japan sponsors Nepali's education
2007-09-12 NWSC on verge of bankruptcy
2007-09-15 UNESCO seeks status of 'illegal' road at Pashupati
2007-10-07 Water, sanitation projects making tardy progress
2007-09-26 Piped water for landless in Tanahu village
2007-10-19 Call for clean development projects
2007-10-.. Tigni: Setting up a model village
2007-10-28 Chlorine lacking in piped water in Valley: Survey
2007-11-01 Small parties to team up for TPR
2007-11-04 Lack of bridges makes half of rural road network 'defunct'
2007-11-07 ADB loan renewal for Melamchi not before Jan
2007-11-15 Ex-army men to approach UN
2007-11-26 Plan for Lumbini development soon
2007-11-29 Kailali jungles face encroachment
2007-11-30 Bio-briquettes can keep hte winter at bay
2007-12-06 FM stations are mired; some are suspect
2007-12-07 Power outage? Turn to Solar Tuki
2007-12-14 Mix ethanol with petrol, save money!
2007-12-21 Can bio-fuel bail NOC out of red?
2007-12-22 Nepal to be a party to convention on intangible heritage
2007-12-31 [Multi-purpose] Melamchi: Dream or reality?
2008-01-20 EC to educate voters in 17 ethnic languages
2008-03-03 CA election will see a sea of observers
2008-03-30 Legal remedy looks distant as polls violence goes on
2008-04-06 Only two-third of claimed observers will be deployed
2008-04-09 May applicants for observers rejected [Damauli]
2008-04-12 Counting begins amid disputes [Gorkha]
2008-04-20 Janajatis upbeat after poll showing; bag 82 seats
2008-04-22 Janajatis first-timers send bigwigs packing
2008-04-26 Maoists bag 100 PR seats, says EC
2008-05-09 Convention report sees holes in FNJ account book
2008-05-12 EC mulls action against erring observers
2008-05-19 Shah dynasty ghosts haunt museum development
2008-05-26 Water tariff hike in pipeline
2008-05-26 Constituent Assembly pie fails to cheer up margnialised groups