Monday, April 25, 2005

Painting seminar and electric vehicles

I went to Shechen Gomba today morning to participate in the regional workshop on thanka painiting.
The gomba was marvellous. I wonder how on earth they get money to construct such gombas? I envy. Newar culture lies on books and living culture you can find in Tibetan miimgrants...
I saw Francis Child, the chief of UNESCO Asia Pacific region. He is not changed at all. I don't know about myself.

Then I went to Hyatt regency to participate in launcing of four electric buses. It was nice idea but it will again have to face adminsitration problem. I wonder when will anybody come in the government who really cares environment of Kathmandu Vally. Everybody knows, they do not want to encourage electric vehicles because they are heavily bribed by the diesel or petrol vehicle dealers. Shame !!!

I was with Min and Pushkar. Puskhar was tell me that it was a tragic event that the governmebnt forcefully acquired the people's land in the name of making a village for poor people but it eventually turned into a grand hotel. Yea, those who do wrong in life will have to face the reult in the same life. The infamouse Angur Baba Joshi is suffereing from a hell.