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List of stories in TKP (1996-2002)

02/07/1996 What turns tourism terrible      PP
25/07/1996 Sisters, go for love!       PP
17/08/1996 Just for a Pajero        PP
31/08/1996 At the funeral of monkeys      PP
10/09/1996 By the grace of policemen      PP
15/09/1996 Hare Rama Hare Krishna       2/sp
16/09/1996 A bachelor's complaint       PP
21/09/1996 May I come in sir?       PP 
28/09/1996 Tourism Day brings new air in Thamel    5
30/09/1996 Man is nothing but a wolf      PP
20/10/1996 Stiff food policy crippling Dashain bazaar   8?
20/10/1996 Dashain shopping - nightmare      SP
26/10/1996 Good bye Bada Dashain       PP
16/11/1996 See you again, Nepal       PP
21/11/1996 Tour guides back tourism, no one to back them  [p] 5/P
24/11/1996 Oh brothers! Oh sisters!      2/sp
28/11/1996 Polish tourists interested in Nepal     5
05/12/1996 Ten plus two plus teacher' turn     PP
12/12/1996 Mechanics see God in their hands     5/P
19/12/1996 Tailors patch up...      [p] 5/p
30/12/1996 Welcome to Bhaktapur       PP
09/01/1997 Skilled hands feel pleasure of feeding the world  5/P
11/01/1997 My camera and my beautiful companion    PP
16/01/1997 Language teaching, a profesion for modern world   5/P
19/01/1997 Are cops friends of foes?      SP
25/01/1997 Boder-pillar vs the butts across the Mechi   PP
30/01/1997 Woodcarving comes of age with professionalism    5/P
06/02/1997 Despite hurdles, floriculture makes brisk business  5/P
08/02/1997 Lamentation of a landlord's grandson    PP
13/02/1997 Doctors deprived of facilities they deserve   5/P
18/02/1997 Professionalism and growth (anniversary)    6
20/02/1997 Taxi drivers being exploited by cab companies   5/P
03/03/1997 Marriages are made in...      PP
11/03/1997 A fat VAT sat on the mat      PP
20/03/1997 The charm of domestic tourism      PP
29/03/1997 For whom the Holi holds       PP
06/04/1997 No field untouched by magic of computer    4/I
21/04/1997 Be a hero, pay tax to govt      PP
01/05/1997 Securing space of their species (05/05?)   PP
04/05/1997 Governmet's persuasion on VAT      4/I
05/05/1997 Insects reveal human nature in several aspects   2
08/05/1997 Ashanta's art works on show      2
13/05/1997 Children discover their houses amid nature   2
18/05/1997 White horses run faster than others     SP
19/05/1997 Nudity remains prime topic of selection for artists  2
21/05/1997 Khadka's abstract paintings on display    2
06/06/1997 Abindra hits earth and environment with cartoons  2
09/06/1997 SLC results: Major concern for students    2
10/06/1997 The magic of letter to the editor     PP
15/06/1997 Body and soul portray multiculturalism of Australia  2
16/06/1997 Hindi, the symbol fo national unity (19/06?)   PP
23/06/1997 Music Day sweeps from rock to folklore    2
28/06/1997 Art merges with sport information in collage of Ramesh 2
29/06/1997 Tantriks, body piercing and elixir [Trishul Jatra]  8
02/07/1997 Kayastha's after war paintings from Pokhara to Kathmandu 2
03/07/1997 Three women in a bus       PP
06/07/1997 Historical development of commercial banks   4/I
10/07/1997 Artists of Pokhara eagerly await art gallery   2
13/07/1997 A bird's eye view of Nepali cartoons and cartoonists  2
13/07/1997 A Nepali dancer born in Japan      SP
17/07/1997 A letter from Japan       PP
17/07/1997 Asha: A ray of hope for AIDS victims    2
25/07/1997 Saregama Premanasha: A play full of fun and frolic  2
28/07/1997 An unforgettable fairy tale      PP
01/08/1997 Jodam brings forth best images from within rocks  2
02/08/1997 Gathamunga: A festival with obscene taste    2
09/08/1997 Nagapanchami: A tribute to serpents     2
09/08/1997 After having a motorbike stolen [Raju]    4/PP
11/08/1997 Paintings of three modes displayed under one roof  2
19/08/1997 Janaipurnima binds Hindus with sacred thread   2
20/08/1997 Gaijatra... [np]
21/08/1997 No terror no try        4/PP
26/08/1997 Lord Krishna remembered for his service to humankind  2
28/08/1997 Suma's paintings exhibit ways of enlightenment   2
31/08/1997 Panchadan: Grandiloquent donaions to Buddhist priests  2
31/08/1997 feature [np]
06/09/1997 New books on the block       4/PP
12/09/1997 For Suwal, satisfaction lies in creating new artists  2
16/09/1997 Indra Jatra: The chariot procession of living goddess  2
17/09/1997 Aurora: Australian craft exhibit with freshness and energy 2
24/09/1997 Heritage of Chitrakars: A glimpse of development  2
27/09/1997 Yanase opens Living Legends of Kathmandu    2
28//09/1997 Love nature and universe reflect in Kiran's paintings  2
02/10/1997 A trail against the accused football    4/PP
03/10/1997 Ghatasthapana heralds approaching of festive moods  2
09/10/1997 Dinmaya dies of diarrhoea      4/PP
23/10/1997 Nepal has always been a special country for me: Lydia  2
27/10/1997 A vindication of the rights of non-virgins   4/PP
06/11/1997 Kanak Mishra presents a spectrum of paintings   2
10/11/1997 Computing the computer college par excellence   4/PP
16/11/1997 History alive in Patan       1/SP
20/11/1997 Shreejan paints nature in different style    2
20/11/1997 On being a bus driver       4/PP
23/11/1997 The divine play of Lord Krishna     4/M
24//11/1997 Durga Baral travelling in two boats     2
01/12/1997 If one has skill, can make a living  [Ratna Shakya] 2
06/12/1997 For the sake of puppy love      4/PP
08/12/1997 Bista laments over present circles of artists   2
17//12/1997 Thimi Fest expected to attract tourists    6
18/12/1997 Why I prefer English literature     4/PP
28/12/1997 Karna's painting reflect Nepali culture and tradition  2

01/01/1998 Two energetic artists show creation [Shreehari/Mahendra] 2
03/01/1998 The promise of pregnancy      4/PP
05/01/1998 Newcomers responsible for heritage deterioration [Nunem] 2
12/01/1998 A potter's life was never cosy:  [Gyan] Prasapati  2
15/01/1998 An interview with a proud father     4/PP
20/01/1998 A cartoonist should be aware of moral values [Jyapoo]  2
24/01/1998 An emergency treatment, this?      pp
25/01/1998 What is going on? [National Art Exhibition]   4/sp
29/01/1998 My dream on economic crisis      4/PP
02/02/1998 Ashmina paints women's sensuality     2
09/02/1998 Tamang has nothing except a hope of happy future  2
09/02/1998 Krishna in big problem       4/PP
16/02/1998 Artist has only one language in world: [Aamar] Chitrakar 2
19/02/1998 Baglung can be a new discovery  Anniversary  8
20/02/1998 Saha's fine silk works in Kathmandu     2
23/02/1998 No hurdle can stop me from working: [Yubraj] Shakya  2
02/03/1998 Nude painting and sexual domination     2
10/03/1998 Panorama of mountains in Krishna's paintings   2
16/03/1998 Peace possible only through love [Kalapremi Shrestha]  2
17/03/1998 In search of Nepali handicraft     4.pp
30/03/1998 My love for Nepal is everlasting: Tahira    2
06/04/1998 Nepali film festival in quest of quality film   2
07/04/1998 From the SLC exam hall       4/PP
14/04/1998 Indra Pradhan's dream fulfilled     2
24/04/1998 Pricey bosom tagas       4/PP
02/05/1998 Greater Nepal, greater pride      4/PP
06/05/1998 NEA has no record of its own vehicles    1
07/05/1998 Authority arrests TIA loader      8
28/05/1998 British generators: bane for NTC     1
30/05/1998 A home at World Heritage Site      4/M
04/06/1998 Kishore coming with classical guitar performance  2
05/06/1998 My law is a red red ribbon      4/PP
07/06/1998 Magic at fingertips [Tarabir S Tuladhar]    1/sp
17/06/1998 Living in metropolis       4/PP
11/07/1998 The pot-bellied vulture       4/pp
17/07/1998 Vani Jairam wins Nepali hearts     2
21/07/1998 Prime Minister's one hour      4/PP
25/07/1998 Krishna Mandir conservation work nears completion  2
31/07/1998 No democracy in languages      4/PP
03/08/1998 KMC to pur treated water in Bagmati     2
06/08/1998 Single Motherhood Day       4/pp
08/08/1998 Gaijatra: A fest meant for departed souls (10/08)  2
21/08/1998 KMC and sweepers' slogan      4/pp
30/08/1998 Mhasika: A musical mingle      2/sp
07/09/1998 Thus Byathit became a poet      2/sp
10/09/1998 Let's go to Mulpani       4/PP
15/09/1998 God's presence in king's festival     4/PP
26/09/1998 For the whole four years      4/PP
29/09/1998 Thus Byathit became a poet      SP?
05/10/1998 Welcome to children's fair      4/PP
15/10/1998 On welcoming oily Tihar       4/PP
18/10/1998 Collective impressions [np]      4/sp
01/11/1998 Keeping the brush active [Uttam Nepali]    2/sp
08/11/1998 Honouring the craftsmen       8/sp
15/11/1998 The Buddhism of Nepal Mandala      8/SP
22/11/1998 Padmashree's solo Dolls deal with diversity   8/SP
29/11/1998 Seeing Nepal through Roy, Valchav's eyes    8/SP
06/12/1998 Potters of Kathmandu Valley      8/SP
13/12/1998 Fantasy in Photographs       8/SP
25/12/1998 Working over child exploitation through case studies  4
?  Women artists display their talents     8/SP

01/01/1999 A city of overhead bridges      4/pp
03/01/1999 Bangladesh in canvas       2/sp
09/01/1999 Oum namo Shivay        4/pp
16/01/1999 A Narain Dai's party       4/pp
23/01/1999 Welcome to city of squatters      4/PP
05/02/1999 Hunting winning issues       4/PP
19/02/1999 I wanna be a Nepali, too      4/pp
06/03/1999 Women's strength         4/pp
13/03/1999 UN,indigenous people and Nepal     4
14/03/1999 Yumi Sano's Nepal on paper      8/SP
19/03/1999 Nepal's foreign policy       4/pp
18/03/1999 Art and artists in today's Nepal     SP
24/03/1999 Patriotism at cinema halls      4/PP
28/03/1999 A night at the Opera       SP
01/04/1999 The God of small drops       PP
11/04/1999 Nepal Art Council's unforgettable venture    SP
23/04/1999 Male's right in manifestos      PP
30/04/1999 Show off your election identity     PP
08/05/1999 Manmohan is nation's pride [S Pradhan]    4/suppli
08/05/1999 My days with comrade Manhomah [ ML Shrestha]   5/suppli
08/05/1999 He was ever an obidient man [PR Tuladhar]    6/suppli
09/05/1999 Farewell to a young artist [Prashanta Shreshta]   PP
10/05/1999 Lumbini: The most wanted site      PP
16/05/1999 A Saregama of classical music [Bikash Yogi]   SP
21/05/1999 Nepal's world heritage site at stake     PP
23/05/1999 Lumbini: The fountain of peace     1/SP
28/05/1999 Welcome to the safe haven of lovers of children   PP
08/06/1999 A post-result examination for the nation's sake   PP
13/06/1999 The ring of Toni Hegan's [Hagen's] Buddha    SP
20/06/1999 A photographer's world [Cedric Dordevic]    SP
21/06/1999 Let's better use Esperanto, anyway     PP
01/07/1999 Everest Everest everywhere      PP
04/07/1999 Pachali Bhairav's assembly and [victory] celebration  1/SP
08/07/1999 Save Bagmati for garbage's sake     PP
14/07/1999 The price of Nepali blood      PP
18/07/1999 Art and artists in today's Nepal     2/sp
23/07/1999 A type of SLC resolution      PP
29/07/1999 Worldly wonder of being weaker     PP
06/08/1999 Philosophy of art    (or 2000?)   2/sp
08/08/1999 A sketch of Lumbini development     2/SP
12/08/1999 Grammar for feminist programmes     PP
02/09/1999 A new textbook on Nepali linguistics    PP
05/09/1999 In memory of late Rajbanshi      4/M
05/09/1999 My colourful magazine       3/SP
18/09/1999 AT a seminar on heritage preservation    4/pp
19/09/1999 Showcase of Kathmandu: Indrajatra     1/SP
23/09/1999 Kosovo, Kargil, Kalapani and Kathmandu    PP
30/09/1999 The world of micro-buses      PP
03/10/1999 Whiter control over capital traffic!    1/SP
15/10/1999 Story of a Balwan minister      PP
30/10/1999 We want democracy in Pakistan      PP
07/11/1999 Revival of Kathmandu's ancient art [paubha]   2/sp
16/11/1999 Caravan: The fake picture of Nepal     PP
03/12/1999 On recent popular price hike      4/pp
11/12/1999 We are after all campus students     4/pp
24/12/1999 Fifty percent discount on traffic law    PP
03/01/2000 Paper plans to hijack a plane PP
09/01/2000 Amar, the immortal artists      2/sp
14/01/2000 They unanimously agree       4/pp
16/01/2000 Narmadeshwar's free verse      4/M
30/01/2000 The game of sitar [Sitar Kasa]     3/SP
01/02/2000 That's because of the notorious numbers    PP
11/03/2000 Shivratri, fire and Aago      PP
22/03/2000 An essay on dogs        PP
05/04/2000 My house beneath Bagmati bridge     PP
14/04/2000 Circus festival in town       PP
21/04/2000 Let's go to Kathmandu       PP
05/05/2000 My house beneath Bagmati bridge (?)     4/PP
06/05/2000 At inauguration of Sundhara Park     PP
15/05/2000 A virus called I Love You      PP
20/05/2000 A zoo of its own kind       PP
28/05/2000 Temples sans idols       SP
29/05/2000 The refugee's other right      4/PP
18/06/2000 A different language [Esperanto]     SP
22/06/2000 A letter from domestic refugees     4/pp
24/06/2000 Lalitpur gaining: Patan Museum loses    1
26/06/2000 When civil coup clutched Nepal     4/PP
14/07/2000 Havoc down the city drains      1
17/07/2000 Gongabu Bus Park is still on the fist gear   1-8
23/07/2000 No jobs please, we are from historic Patan City   1-8
30/07/2000 The museum which holds the nature's treasure   8/SP
04/08/2000 The legacy of Machhendranath carries on    8
05/08/2000 Ranamukteshwor temple in ruins despite earning  (nb)  8
05/08/2000 Nepali citizenship for sale      PP
11/08/2000 Swoyambhu facelift not according to masterplan   8
14/08/2000 Vital registration low despite multiple uses   8
17/08/2000 How a 'gem' of Gaijatra faded in modernity...   1
30/08/2000 Gulam Ali to steal many hearts in capital    1
03/09/2000 When the statue cries out      2/SP
08/09/2000 1/3 houses in KMC illegal      1
10/09/2000 Business complex to be erected in Sundhara   8
23/09/2000 TU decree stirs job panic among teachers    1
04/10/2000 Valley might be listed as endangered heritage site  1
15/10/2000 When a bull joins ... stray cattle every full-moon night 1
15/10/2000 Leela Samson in Kathmandu      3/SP
15/10/2000 More than a history of literature [Nepalbhasa]  4/M
17/10/2000 Kathmanduites, are u ready to pay for your garbage?  1
23/10/2000 Ancient monument under army protection     pp
24/10/2000 Govt in search of new alternatives to garbage menace  1
02/11/2000 Even astrologers have their day/no copy    pp
05/11/2000 Why not Bahini-tika?       2/sp
10/11/2000 Lukewarm response to Govt subsidy on kerosene   1
11/11/2000 Vacancy open for mediators      4/pp
13/11/2000 Cultural City of Bhaktapur could face garbage problem  8
21/11/2000 Part-time TU teachers protest 'exploitation' [nb]  1
24/11/2000 KMC launches Household Waste Collection Programme  1
25/11/2000 Six more overhead bridges in capital (nb)   2
26/11/2000 The ever changing face of Rani Pokhari    1/SP
27/11/2000 Locals eager to swap land for garbage [Okharpauwa]  8
03/12/2000 A 200 years old spout groups for its existence [Tindhara] 1
03/12/2000 Hair cry for women's identity      2/sp
05/12/2000 Kerosene falls, coupon rises      4/pp
07/12/2000 Private construction encroaches historic site   1-8
14/12/2000 Kathmandu felicitates police force     4/pp
15/12/2000 KMC composting plant rusting despite garbage pile   1
16/12/2000 Int'l meet to be held to safeguard Nepal's heritage  8
21/12/2000 Illegal construction still going on despite objection  2
24/12/2000 The state of student architecture     8
25/12/2000 From garbage to cooking gas: A solution for Kathmandu? 1
29/12/2000 Roja ends with zeal among Muslims     2
31/12/2000 Works begin on Bishnumati Link Road Project   1
31/12/2000 Kids remember Guernica in 2000 [art&culture]  3
06/01/2001 Local efforts...      [np]
08/01/2001 Kathmandu heritage, witnessing transformations [Childe] 3
18/01/2001 Hospital waste, serioushealth hazard: Report   1
04/02/2001 Uncontrolled encroachment rules     2/SP
05/02/2001 We can live anywhere but can't forget our culture  2
06/02/2001 History blown to winds, for ... coins to gain  [Sundhara] 1
10/02/2001 Call from Heaven        PP
06/03/2001 Fressh storm brewing in cencuss drill    1
13/03/2001 Heritage conservation campaign likely to end   8
17/03/2001 Dhulikhel-Bhakunde Besi road opened     8
18/03/2001 Back in the hands of sincere people     SP
21/03/2001 War against open space       PP
23/03/2001 Development of Palace land irks city officials   1
25/03/2001 GS set to lease religious land     1
07/04/2001 She is now widow after 13 months of marriage [Purna]  2
09/04/2001 Giles Proctor... interview... [np]     3
13/04/2001 Bisket Festival turns a shame for Bhaktapur   3
15/04/2001 Bagmati ghats in dire need of protection from squatters 1
15/04/2001 Making of a planned Kathmandu Valley    1/SP
19/04/2001 Clubs follow KMC into pay-parking business   1
23/04/2001 Gagangunj sex trade lingers in Nepalgunj    1
24/04/2001 Nepal-India eco-region concept gaining new heights  8
27/04/2001 Mayor's dream... [cw]       3
29/04/2001 All ex-Kamaiyas are landless and vice-versa [rd]  3
29/04/2001 My name is Nirma        1/SP
04/05/2001 Charging for parking space - business or service? [cw] 3
05/05/2001 Cash rich Swoyambhu, rich in garbage too    1
05/05/2001 Cremation at Pashupati       4/PP
06/05/2001 Defying the trend... nuptial knot without colours  8
08/05/2001 Let's get studentship card      4/PP
12/05/2001 Capital's mushrooming Gombas worry experts   1
20/05/2001 Korean dance in Nepal       4/SP
23/05/2001 Squatters threaten agitation for free land   1
25/05/2001 Kathmandu No 2        4/PP
31/05/2001 Thousands of stolen artifacts await return ticket home  1
01/06/2001 Squatters not necessarily be landless  [cw]  3
06/06/2001 Bhasmasur's menace       4/PP
08/06/2001 Sissy film-making        4/PP
09/06/2001 After eight years, WHS beckons visitors [Sundari Chowk] 1
15/06/2001 Late King Dipendra's 'katto' ceremony over   1
(18/06/2001 Watch without battery       4/pp
23/06/2001 Times have change, Katte-Bahuns are outcastes on more  1
29/06/2001 Katto - Nepali trademark      4/pp
30/06/2001 Archaeology Dept threatens action against non-traditional 1
01/07/2001 Korean dialogue with nature      2/SP
04/07/2001 Of foraging cattle and traffic police    1
15/07/2001 Low monsoon rains likely to take heavy toll on paddy crop 1
15/07/2001 14-point agenda redefined      4/M
22/07/2001 With the onset of monsoon comes water contamination  4
22/07/2001 Saving local architecture in monument zones   3/SP
29/07/2001 And the show gaze o'th'times [Kumari]    1/SP
29/07/2001 Children say NGOs are misappropriating funds   1
04/08/2001 KMC facing uphill task re-naming streets    1
11/08/2001 Lumbini water kingdom       4/PP
12/08/2001 Census figures throw up errors     1
17/08/2001 Composting kitchen waste, keep city clean    3
18/08/2001 KMC to slap 'service charge' amid strong protest  8
19/08/2001 Breaking chains of tradition [children]     2/SP
23/08/2001 AT 84, ex-Kumari Hira Maiya continues ... conjugal life 1
24/08/2001 Businessmen to educate slum children [Pokhara]  8
28/08/2001 Birth of people's government      4/PP
30/082001 Symposium on illicit traffic in cultural property  2
01/09/2001 Sweepers lend hand making city healthy despite their health 3
07/09/2001 KMC tightens its grip on Kathmandu residents   2
15/09/2001 Mayor plans to revive the lost glory of Hanumandhoka  2
21/09/2001 KMC to investigate into misuse facilities by its members 1
23/09/2001 Cine-goers at risk at halls lack safety standards  8
23/09/2001 Out of the closet        2/SP
26/09/2001 It took Khokana residents 20 years ... need of toilets 2
05/10/2001 Craze for junglehood       4/PP
06/10/2001 Renovation of Mahavishnu in limbo     2
09/10/2001 A private project to renovate three temples at Hanumandhoka 2
12/10/2001 Cycling lane along side Maitighar-Tinkune road   1
20/10/2001 New bylaws to check unplanned construction    1
21/10/2001 Bagmati's dirty, stinking sand     1/SP
22/10/2001 Student union resolution      4/PP
23/10/2001 People unconcerned about meat quality    1
31/10/2001 From Indrajatra to Dashain      4/PP
01/11/2001 Global anthrax scare leads to local precaution   1
04/11/2001 A complete picture of Kathmandu [Ward Profile]   2/SP
08/11/2001 Future of Okharpauwa landfill site still uncertain  2
11/11/2001 Controversy puts Mhapuja in limbo     2
13/11/2001 Unmanaged hospital wastes may trigger epidemic in Capital 1-8
15/11/2001 Nepal Era awaits government recognition    2
18/11/2001 KMC goes for E-governance      2/SP
20/11/2001 Widespread financial irregularities mar KMC   1
28/11/2001 The footpath rulers  [cw]     3
01/12/2001 2002 the Year for Cultural Heritage     8
02/12/2001 Hanumandhoka Durbar Square [ht]     2/sp
07/12/2001 Capital getting facelift, thanks to SAARC summit  2
09/12/2001 Temple complex of Lord Pashupatinath [HT]    2/SP
15/12/2001 TCN to lay off 450 staff next week     1
16/12/2001 Patan Durbar Square [HT]      2/SP
22/12/2001 On the thick concrete jungle, wood is dead   1
23/12/2001 Swayambhu hill monument zone [ht]     2/sp
24/12/2001 With 'useless' committee dissolved, Lumbini lies abandoned 1
26/12/2001 Seven persons' city       4/pp
27/12/2001 Maitighar... look with mandala, stupa nad water spouts 1
30/12/2001 Bhaktapur Durbar Square [HT]      2/SP
31/12/2001 We utilise opportunity to facelift Kathmandu [PS Joshi] 3
06/01/2002 The great chaitya of Baudha [th]     2/sp
10/01/2002 Middle class turns out to be honest tax payers   8
13/01/2002 Temple of Changu Narayan [ht]     2/sp
14/01/2002 An ailing trust... Bhaktapur' Samyak has lost its lusture 2
18/01/2002 Time to revive old ways of excreta as manure   8
18/01/2002 Temporary garden        4/pp
20/01/2002 Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha [ht]   2/SP
22/01/2002 Manufacturers wait govt decion to take toxin back  8
27/01/2002 Where all wishes are fulfilled: Manakamana [ht]  2/SP
28/01/2002 Good news for old buildings: An award in waiting  1
28/01/2002 Tax on black        4/pp
01/02/2002 KMC council meet rescheduled amid budget controversy  2
02/02/2002 An royal palace looks to regain lost glory [Bahadur Shah] 2
03/02/2002 Bagmati ghat : Grand shrine along the holy river [ht]  2/SP
04/02/2002 The torana of Mani Kesav Narayan Chowk  [kn]    8
10/02/2002 Bungamati, home town of Red Maccindranath [ht]    2/sp 
12/02/2002 Lalitpur to grant autonomy to wards     2
13/02/2002 Health Warning: Beware of hazardeous medical waste [cw] 3
13/02/2002 Korean winds of the sprit          6/Midweek
17/02/2002 Whose land? Kirtipur farmers don't know, nor to authorities 1
17/02/2002 Manjushree Buddhist interpretation of Saraswati [ht]  2/SP
17/02/2002 Queen Aishwarya and social work     4/M
18/02/2002 Development in bazaar       4/pp
18/02/2002 The savior of Khmandu's monuments [Chhusyabaha] [nb]  2
22/02/2002 In't Mother Language Day: National language or l of Nation? 2
24/02/2002 Shalinadi, where sinners are relieved   [ht] 2/SP
24/02/2002 KVMP and changing face of Kathmandu     2
26/02/2002 Mission unification       4/pp
03/03/2002 Bodey; The town of tongue pierces   [ht]   2/SP
04/03/2002 Bagh Bhairav; The temple of the Tiger God  [kn]  8
10/03/2002 The ruins of Mangalsen palace   [ht]    2/SP
13/03/2002 Kathmandu in the clutches of local clubs  [cw]  3
15/03/2002 A question of identity ;To be or not to be a 'Dalit'  1
16/03/2002 Ranipokhari finally getting a facelift    2
17/03/2002 Ranipokhari; King's tribute to his beloved [ht]  2/sp
19/03/2002 Shopping for the helicopter   [pp]   4
23/03/2002 World Water Day: But the taps are still to be dry summer 1
24/03/2002 Inside themysterious tage of Shantipur  [ht]  2/sp
25/03/2002 Budhanilkantha; The Vishnu with the mysterious crown  8
26/03/2002 Melamchi water likely to be expensive    2
28/03/2002 Freed journalist recounts 10-day nightmare   1
31/03/2002 Sundari Chowk; with marvelous water spout  [ht]  2/sp
07/04/2002 KMC finally gets to manage city landmarks    1
07/04/2002 Ramchandra temple; with thirty-two butterflies [ht]  2/sp
08/04/2002 Bisket Jatra of Bhaktapur [kn]     8
10/04/2002 Crisis of water in once-upon-a-time lake  [cw]  3
14/04/2002 With the dawn of 2059 BS, Bhaktapur braces for Bisket Jatra 1
14/04/2002 Bhairav Temple, the house of Kashi Bishwonath [ht]  2/sp
21/04/2002 Ranamukteshwor; Running away from Guthi Sansthan [ht]  2/sp
26/04/2002 CBS on high literacy ignites controversy   1
28/04/2002 Ashok Binayak temple of royal Ganesh  [ht]  2/sp
05/05/2002 Teaching how to fish is better than fishes [Salil Shetty] 3
05/05/2002 Garden of Dreams     [ht]   2/sp
08/05/2002 Where's the KMC to find a safe landfill site? [cw]  3
12/05/2002 Gunakar Mahavihar     [ht]   2/sp
19/05/2002 Bhimsen Temple     [ht]   2/sp
20/05/2002 Rato Machhendranath, chairot festival of Bunga-Dyo [kn] 8
26/05/2002 Mahabaudha Vihar     [ht]   2/sp
01/06/2002 Sarangi; gift of the Gandharvas  [kn]   8
02/06/2002 Sorhakhutte area     [ht]   2/sp
06/06/2002 Project to install incinerator yet to be materialised  2
08/06/2002 Possibility of stolen Dipankar idol's return feeble  1
09/06/2002 Te Bahal      [ht]   2/sp
14/06/2002 Electric vehicles in bureaucratic tangle    2
16/06/2002 Kumar Temple     [ht]    2/sp
18/06/2002 Local World Cup     [pp]   4
23/06/2002 Aayoo Guthi Sattal    [ht]   2/sp
30/06/2002 Atko Narayan Temple    [ht]   2/sp
31/06/2002 Masterplan to bring back Hadigaon glory on the way  2
05/07/2002 Bureaucracy keeps electric vehicle out of valley streets 1
08/07/2002 Machatiya Jatra, piercing the children of the demon [kn] 8
10/07/2002 How many vehicles does the valley need?  [cw]  3
13/07/2002 Tundikhel getting a high fence, but locals worry  1
14/07/2002 People around Pashupatinath   [ht]   2/sp
17/07/2002 Wanna buy a redy-made house?   [cw]   3
19/07/2002 Monkey rules     [pp]   4
21/07/2002 Akash  Bhairav Temple    [ht]   2
28/07/2002 Kapalis likely to be deprived of graveyard of Pashupati 2
28/07/2002 Jayabaeshwori Temple    [ht]   2/sp
03/08/2002 Yatkha Bahaa conservation nears completion   2
04/08/2002 Guheshwori Temple     [ht]   2/sp
06/08/2002 Local efforts bring about changes in lifestyle   2
09/08/2002 UNESCO to close down its office     1
11/08/2002 A look into the culture of Chapagaon    2/sp
11/08/2002 Batsaleshwori Temple    [ht]   2/sp
18/08/2002 Pancha Deval     [ht]   2/sp
21/08/2002 The only culture of Kathmandu Valley - rent culture [cw] 3
23/08/2002 Good-bye to UNESCO    [pp]   4
25/08/2002 Bahidyo still continues, but with lesser fanfare  1
25/08/2002 Bhuwaneshwori temple    [ht]   2/sp
26/08/2002 I'll find permanent solution for garbage problem: Sharma 3
01/09/2002 Elderly lament as PADT prepares to evacuate Bridhashram 1
01/09/2002 Gorakhnath temple     [ht]   2/sp
06/09/2002 Young Dhaa players show regard to age-old tradition  2
08/09/2002 Bishwarup temple     [ht]   2/sp
09/09/2002 Shrine of Risheshwor, will it come out of govt's clutches? 2
11/09/2002 Poor seek identity among rich Kathmanduites  [cw] 3
12/09/2002 US $ 41,000 for two seminars!      2
15/09/2002 Nawadurga Temple [ht]       2/sp
26/09/2002  Politicking over Living Goddess     5
27/09/2002 Swayambhu demolition turns into a ministerial farce  8
30/09/2002 UML, ANWA at loggerheads over Kumari    2
08/10/2002 Magarkot realising local visitors' importance   8
11/10/2002 Nepal delays reports on heritae sites to UNESCO   2
20/10/2002 A multi-dimenstional personality     4/m
20/10/2002 This Kumari needs not follow strict rules    1
21/10/2002 Neglected Bhadrakali awaits conservation plans   2
22/10/2002 Squatters' minister       4/pp
26/10/2002 Colloidal silver, a vew water filter device   2
27/10/2002 govt apathy turns land at Tinkune into fishing pool  2 [nb]
29/10/2002 With Bangdel's demise, future of NAC hangs in balance/PP 2
03/11/2002 Pabitra's physical disability strengthens family bond  2
11/11/2002 Timely construction of overhead bridges always a dream 2
12/11/2002 Dalit politics        5
???  What if the government-owned buildings are illegal?  3