Friday, October 13, 2006

Top leaders scent success

Razen Manandhar
Kathmandu, October 12[2006]:

Today’s talks between top leaders of the seven-party alliance and the CPN-Maoist have been identified as a “successful round” although much of what has been decided among them will be known only by Sunday afternoon when they meet once again.
The fact that the talks have ended on positive note becomes clear from what even Maoist talk team coordinator, Krishna Bahadur Mahara said while fielding reporters’ questions at a press conference after the talks today.
“Talks have ended on a constructive note and the participants are all moving ahead for an overall and significant conclusion,” Sitaula said at a press conference after the talks indicating at the possibility of having the Maoists agree to a ceremonial role for monarchy in the interim phase.
He said that another date for the next round of the talks was fixed just because it is not possible to come to a conclusion in a hurry.
“The team wants to assure the people that the talks were going on according to the wishes of the entire people,” Home Minister said emphatically.
He added, “No decision on any particular agenda was made because we did want to make partial decisions and thus we waited for one more day to make a ‘wholesome decision.”
Coordinator of Maoist talks team Mahara said that the talks were taking time “because it is moving ahead for a “historic” decision as the government side also showed some progressive mood.”
“We are coming to a historic decision and the process is very complicated. It is taking some more days. But it is for sure, we are very near to a concrete decision,” he said.
Saying that some issues were not addressed properly on earlier occasions, Mahara said that the Maoists and the alliance alike were “very much conscious that no such mistakes be repeated”
Mahara said that the talks so far have brought the two sides much closer something which is the result of serious homework and commitment shown by the leaders. Sitaula left the room, saying, “Everything will be clear on Sunday.”
The nagging issues which were debated today were role of monarchy in the interim phase, interim constitution, arms management and interim legislature, amid claims that Maoists could settle for “king without power” if the alliance grants them their other demands as part of a package.
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